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Ark X-Play Dedicated Server works in LAN but not WAN

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Ark X-Play Dedicated Server works in LAN but not WAN

Background info:

I have been running a dedicated server for cross-play on Windows 10 for months without issues with both Xbox and PC users connecting over the internet (and myself connecting locally via Xbox). I recently installed Malwarebytes free version (which comes with a 12 day trial of premium), ever since then my server can only be connected to locally all join attempts from outside get a "Join Failed" message. Neither Malwarebytes or Windows firewall logged any notifications about blocking any incoming connections. I have since then tried many things to get the server running correctly again along with several troubleshooting tests to try and narrow the problem down.

What I've tried:

Uninstalling Malwarebytes (both through windows and using Malwarebytes removal tool)

Adding inbound rules for Ark on Windows firewall

Tested with the firewall completely disabled.

I have verified that it's not a modem/router issue by launching Ark dedicated server on another PC and on an Xbox and everyone was able to join without issue to either of those.

I have ran a flushDNS on the problem PC.

I have factory reset the router as well.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Ark on the problem PC.

I have reinstalled windows 10 files (with the option to keep Apps and personal files checked).


Final thoughts:

I feel I am left with doing a full Windows 10 reinstall. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this problem resolved?

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It is good to know that the MalwareBytes installation may just be a odd coincidence then.

As far as port forwarding on my router goes I originally didn't have any ports forwarded (just UPnP turned on) and it worked like that.

Since these issues began though I have forwarded the following ports on my router:











I ran a "netstat -ab" while the server was loaded on my PC thinking I would see it listening on one of the above ports, but it didn't appear to be listening on any port. 


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