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how to make ark interesting for veteran single player

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how to make ark interesting for veteran single player

so i left ark for a while due to the game being way too easy now. i have returned to ark, however, i still find game play too easy. i made a new world with default settings, however, i dont really feel like it will do, now something that i feel could really increase the games difficulty is dino level, i find the higher the dinosaurs wild level the harder the game get, mainly because you need more resources to tame them. i have never really bother asking or searching up the answer but, can you change wild dino level in single player ark. if anyone also have any ideas for how i can make ark harder please comment, so far i am doing a playthrough with default settings aside from breeding, no fliers, i can only tame creatures once i unlock their saddles and made the saddle, and i plan do a wave like event every few days, were i spawn in a giant wave of corrupt creatures and defend my base from them.

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Change it so its always night

make tamed dino level ups like half a good

harvesting speed and harvest health for you and dinos down

amount of dinos(makes more or lass dinos spawn meaning your more likely to run into danger)


.int setting that makes rexes spawn everywhere or just makes wild dinos do like 3x dmg

player resistance down like to .2

Disable some engrams

make it so you can only have like 15 dinos or something but can have Cyros

limit levels players and dinos can achieve.

just look through settings and make everything harder...


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