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fanfiction Lore Question for A Story

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Lore Question for A Story

Hey all! I'm currently working on a story, and was wondering how any of you may have approached this subject in your stories. 

While everything short of the respawn aspect was mentioned in all of the explorer notes/various lore, I was curious about the beacons. While I have a way to include them in my story should I choose to add them, I was wondering if anyone else had thought about adding them to their fanfiction stories? 

A basic look at my idea was that they were much more spaced out, and a little more uniform. Beacon colors would be minimized, and each color that remained would match a specific set of items (I.E. white would be resources/basic supplies, red would be weapons and ammo, etc). I also imagined that they would be items that existed at some point in each person's timeline, so someone could opperate them. Cause let's face it. I personally couldn't use a tek gun. 


I'd love to know your thoughts on this! And I'll be happy to share the story once I've got a chapter or two finished and posted! :Jerblove:

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It all depends on how you want to handle the story. My current one The Stargate and the continuation Return Through the Stargate That I just posted another chapter on, doesn't mention loot crates. Stargate is an adventure that explores the discovery of a buried Egyptian temple of unknown design with an unknown purpose. It explores in detail dragons and their interaction with the explorers. There are currently 38 chapters in two separate postings. Others that I have done does include loot crates and the mystery of the Specimen Implant.

The Cave of Quang Binh Provence combines the Vietnam War experience with the discovery of the world's largest cave by a lost patrol. It is an Ark experience based upon the Amissa mod map. Others are of Thieves, a sequel on Ragnarok, and one based upon two fighter pilots from WW2.

Just look them up, read them, and decide just how you want to handle your adventure.


If you click on the Fanfiction button, both Stargate titles will be found in the first. Read Stargate, A Most Unusual Adventure before reading the current one.

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