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Managarmr Cross Server Transfers

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Managarmr Cross Server Transfers

Recently re-started playing Ark (specifically on Ragnarok) - and it's constantly infested with players transferring the Managarmr creatures harrassing all new or mid level players. Now, yes it's PVP, if you don't want PVP, don't play on a PVP server. However, these things are so OP it's redicilous, the speed they have far out weighs anything a mid level player can get. Why can't we keep these things contained to their original DLC, rather than allowing them to other Maps/Servers where players who may not even have that DLC, can't even get them themselves. It's so unbalanced. Besides this, any good ideas on way's to defend against these things, they always seem to be ontop of me before I can even do anything. Cheers.

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