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Stealing and Sellings Tames for cash

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@Redsunrisetry submitting a ticket but Wildcard/Snail Games doesn't do much to prevent IRL money trading if it's not done over the game client. The person literally has to write in the ingame chat that he is going xxx for $$$. You will probably need a video/screenshot of him saying that and a video or pics of them doing the deals which is nearly impossible. Everything outside of the ARK client they don't care about...


I would still submit the ticket but don't get your hopes up that anything will happen, good luck.

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2 to 3 weeks...how do you even get anything decent in those play time

I'll be more surprised if he manages to get anything off


also like...how much is he even going to sell them for? a very good BP goes for about 2 dollars on the black market. the best rex and giga clone goes for about that price too


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