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Alpha spino mission

This is how we completed the Alpha Spino Mission, probably one of the hardest hunt missions out there.

Few rexes 90k health with 120 armour saddles as tanks, 3 sets of them, to swap them out..

And 2 mateboosted giga's.


To help you guys out, who have trouble doing it.


Oh, important thing, make sure its on land.

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18 hours ago, Balteraxe said:

They aren't hard to get, there are better ones out there now

True. PS4 is hatching 755 on official PvE. I last raised 635 and they are 1200+ melee now so every platform should have them.

We tried a Theri Army with disasterous results. We don't want to use Giga's for all these fights or the tek skiff so we're going to try some high melee Basilisk's with a tank Reaper whipping him back. We could also use a couple of Diplo's with 99 saddles and 85k hp instead to tank. 

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