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Character Desyncs

Hello everyone.


Since the patch following the Easter event where there was extreme lag issues, I have been having issues where my Character is Desyncing from the game. I never know when it is going to happen, I will be playing as normal and suddenly I can interact with only a few things in game. Sometimes I can access fridges and nothing else, sometimes its dinos.  Sometimes I can access some fridges and some dinos but not all. Recently  I was building a base for a tribemate, placing wall after wall, then out of the blue  I would get the green for placement but no mater what I did, it would not  place. I reboot the game and my character is in a totally different location from where I was. I am able to start playing as normal again for a little while. In recent weeks though, I am needing to restart Ark every 10 to 30 minutes. At one point a tribe mate asked me to drop something to him as a test. he said he was beside me but I couldn't see him. When I dropped the package he picked it up and he was outside the base and on my screen I was inside. Somehow I managed to walk through a wall to get outside during the desync issue. I have many more examples of desync issues.


So to fix the problem I have tried the following

Restarted Ark

Restarted Steam Client

Restarted my computer

Performed the file Integrity Check

Updated all drivers

Updated windows

Checked ping  (32 - 70)

Tracert the server and reasonable times with no packet loss

Changed driver settings

Bed traveled

Killed my character

Transferred my character to another server and back

Switched  Internet providers.


I play on PC official maps. I have a decent system running 32 gigs of ram and a Nvidia RTX 2080TI 11 gig card.

I have two internet connections one fiber and one cable.


The game has become unplayable for me. Anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing the desync issues?


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Interesting one this one, I personally only had this a couple of times, where I was drowning while standing inside my base xD when I died I found the body just off the coast in the water.  But recently we have had people on the server that cant get out of their base because they cant interact with the door, the only option for them was to pack that belly with poop and spoiled meat and RIP. Other than that I cant think of another workaround for de-sync issues

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I have run into this a few times in the past and killing my character off was the fix. This is the first time that the desync just keeps coming back. So far transferring off the server and back on has given me the longest respite. Unfortunately, within a half hour it starts up again. I may transfer off before the next planned restart and come back afterwards to see if that has any benefit. 

Thanks for the suggestion!

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