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Optimization of maps and connectivity for console players


Optimization of maps and connectivity for console players

i have been playing this game since the day it came out and i have been a huge fan since the start which is why i am sad to say that i am uninstalling it i really wish i didn't have to but the game is completely unplayable even this far into 2020.  On maps like extinction and abberation i cant even take ten steps without hitting a render wall and freezing for more than five seconds and on all maps even with low ping i will disconnect at least every 30 minutes and even faster on mentioned maps which i find weird because i don't have these problems to the full extent on genesis which was just released. all i am saying is wildcard please FIX YOUR GAME. these are serious problems, i have lost more stuff to DC'ing and freezing and dying cause i'm frozen than all the times I've been raided put together, seriously. if you look at my top clip i have good evidence of why this game is bad and NEEDS FIXED.


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