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1 hour ago, Grandta said:

Can't transfer

When I use my transmitter on official,I type in a serve and click "join with survivor" nothing happens other than the button greys out.


I tried restarting the game and my PS4 but nothing.

start ARK but don't connect to the server you usually play on and want to travel from. in the server browser pick a server that fits your usual environment like official or legacy. make sure you have no business there. for e.g. if you don't like Rag or SE maybe pick either. Connect. it might offer you to download your current toon. do so! once that's completed go back to the main menu/server browser and pick the server you usually play on and connect. you should spawn in the spot where you logged off. now you should be able to travel/transfer to the server you wanted to go to the first place.

remember the server that you parked your character on. this character is a 1:1 backup (a clone) of your main toon. it gets all imprints of past and future dinos and is the same lvl as your main was when you parked the clone. in case something happens to your character you got a backup on server xy

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This happens when your character has been copied (aka duped). If you log out and then try to log into another server you'll be able to download a copy of your toon so that you now have the original on the server you logged out of still, plus an exact copy. WC's official stance on this is to overwrite your duped toon and delete it, but given how often people lose their toon to server crashes and rollbacks, I would consider it a free insurance policy on the progress I have made should the worst happen, especially considering if your toon gets deleted in a rollback server crash, a GM can't give you all your tek progress back, only the xp you had. 

Someone might be like "hey shhh!" but lets be honest here character duping is a commonly known thing in ARK that happens to everyone eventually. In truth, it's a design flaw on WC's part because if they stored a copy of your character in the cloud as backup in the first place like every other multiplayer game in existence (which they don't), then getting your toon deleted accidentally via server crash and rollback wouldn't be a problem in the first place, and you would never have characters getting duped.

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