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Let's all have fun enough of this over toxicity

Don't know why people say solo is hard on small tribes when it's no where near as hard on normal pvp server, it is legit impossible to progress with alot of OP and toxic tribes to compete with. And nearly as hard to find a decent tribe to join without getting insided.. we all spend massive hours on this game and starting off is hard and frustrating.. 

I would really love to see some actual tribe battles and not real dog act moves where people are destroying wooden bases and taking everything they have, even lvl 30 parasaurs when the raiders themselfs have lvl 300+ wyvernns..

I'd have to say ark is the most toxic game out there, you can play it's for years and progress only by lvl.. If your reading this give low lvl people or tiny tribes a chance, theres no reason to be so toxic, if your base could get wiped by low lvls then upgrade it and not wipe everyone you come across.. if some1s on an argy and your on a mana, griffin or wyvernn have a laugh and do circles around them not just instant kill them and there tames.. even just make them land and drop all there stuff if you wish, make if fun for both players... if you really get off being lvl 100 and killing lvl 5s then you need to change your actual real life problems because your being like a baby hitler lol

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@MoonMan963it's the same with every survival game. ARK/RUST/Conan exiles, they are full of toxic people in PVP and you can't even expect it any other way. 

You will find friendly people here and there but even in DayZ back in the day it was mostly shoot on sight. Such games have always been toxic unless you enforce heavy rules like on some roleplay servers. 

No rules = heaven for any psychopath/sadist

I can only suggest to play on PVE or unofficial with some rules. There are also ORP official PVP servers but there are 100% toxic people there as well but at least you have ORP which should help to some degree.

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