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Code to add these dinos to rag?

Hello I have been trying to add these dinos to my ragnarok server but it hasn’t been working.

could someone please post the code to add these dinos to ragnarok and also the spawn amount should vary so the bigger the place they spawn then the more they spawn and the smaller the place then the less they spawn!

A Velonasaur to desert 

bulbdogs to Viking bay 1

manas to the snow 

Karkinos to the canyons 

Yutys to the snow (if they don’t already)

snow owls to the snow 

enforcers to Viking bay 3 (if you can)

gachas to Viking bay 2 

rock drakes at any appropriate place

gas bags at highlands

also if you could add a different type of rock golem to the fire biome such as a fire golem or something? (Just not a rubble token) if it does not work then that is fine

if you could post this then you would be helping many servers out as I can show this to many server owners that want these exact things as I do aswell.

Many thanks!

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