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Dedicated Server not listening on ports since update 310.61

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Dedicated Server not listening on ports since update 310.61

After updating my server to version 310.61 

sudo lsof -i | grep ShooterGameServer


ShooterGa 2078   ark   11u  IPv4  30301      0t0  UDP *:27015 
ShooterGa 2078   ark   16u  IPv4  27990      0t0  UDP *:7777 
ShooterGa 2078   ark   18u  IPv4  27993      0t0  TCP *:27020 (LISTEN)
ShooterGa 2078   ark   19u  IPv4  30305      0t0  UDP *:7778 

Which means that for some reason the ports are not listening for connections, resulting in the error message "Unable to query server info for invite" when trying to connect through Steam's server browser. The ingame server browser does not find the server at all.

I validated the game files using steamcmd and double-checked the file permissions.

The server is on the same network as my desktop PC that is trying to connect, so it's not related to my router.

Is this an issue with my setup or did Wildcard mess up something in that update?

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