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Bugged Manticore in Boss Fights (Won't Land)

Myself and nine others in our tribe did the alpha boss fight on Ragnarok, but what should have been an easy fifteen - twenty minute battle turned into a giant waste of resources, time and effort.

We lost most of our best Therizinosaurs and that means we lost several months worth of raising and gathering Artifacts, as enemy tribes like to ORP the caves, so others cannot not retrieve them.

During the Alpha Manticore fight the Manticore refused to land in order for us to attack it, so For the remainder of the fight after we killed the Dragon - the Manticore mostly stayed in the sky hurling poison balls or swooping down for a paw swipe.

Several of my tribe mates have submitted their own tickets with pictures and links too clipped videos of our time in the fight. Below I will put two links - one from myself and the full boss fight from the time we teleported in too when we ran out of time.

Tribe leader (Dillon the Gypsy) - https://youtu.be/9EafSxt4nw0

Myself (DemiFoxGod) - https://youtu.be/ah_N6idVaQI

Due to a bug with the Manticore on all levels of difficulty we have issues either doing the fight and even lose interest in doing it all together because we do not want it to turn into a waste of time, tames, and resources like this fight ended up being.

Server lag is also a HUGE ISSUE along with Manticore flight bug.

Is anyone else having issues with the Manticore rarely landing or refusing to land altogether? This has been an ongoing issue forever now, but this was sort of the last straw for us.

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