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Tlc Ideas

Hello everyone!
I have some ideas of my own for the tlc 3 ( or future tlcs ) that I would like to share, English is not my mother language so I apologize for any mistake.
- Pachy: Model and animation rework, it could be an early flint gatherer and have better health, stamina and speed, it's charge deals the same effect as the trike's but also torpor and it can be controlled although it would have a very large turning radius. Also it should gather berries on it's own. It would get an X Variant that appears in the bog biome.
- Titanoboa: Model and animation rework, gets a saddle and new abilities. Is gendered and breedable but it's ovoviviparous. It could spit like the dilo and be able to constrict prey like an anaconda ( It would be both venomous and constrictor and the frill could be made like a cobra's), it could be amphibious and climb non flat surfaces ( Imagine a titanoboa hanging from a stalactite ). Should have a health buff. Now it's drag weight is 200 like the sarco, your main way of dealing damage would be to constrict your prey so it would be very useful on a 1v1 against creatures in or below it's weight class like sarco and bary, it wouldn't be able to constrict larger prey but it would be able to stop them like a large bear trap while allies help dealing damage. It can coil around itself and reduce damage taken. Gets an X Variant for the bog.
- Bronto: Model and animation rework, gets a one foot stomp and a double stomp that deals massive damage and all of it's attacks can damage stone now. It's inventory now work as a feeding through that provides extra healing to herbivores. It could use sounds to buff it's teammates by giving them confidence an give a slight improvement to all of it's stats. A slight speed buff would be appreciated. Gets an X variant for the bog.
- Stego: Model and animation rework. Now features a 3 seater saddle, all of them protected by it's plates. Speaking of plates, these would have the ability to buff the stego in high temperatures, granting it a damage, damage reduction, health regeneration, speed and stamina recovery buff ( on top of that, these buffs would also affect nearby kentros), the plates would also give insulation to nearby players. The stego can perform a 180 direction change that also attacks with its tail, and gets a new stomp and a bite attack that can be used while running. The tail attack can pierce armor and can be charged for more damage and can be used while moving now. Gets an X Variant for the volcano biome.
- Carno: Model and animation rework. Has everything the tlc Carno mod has but some new features as well. Takes reduced damage because of it's osteoderms, can jump because it has very strong legs and can now camouflage like the rock drake, this is mostly as a reference for the jurassic park novel but you could also use it to escape a fight combined with it's better speed due to the charge and look for a safe place to recover health. They get a damage, speed and stamina recovery buff when near an ally Yutyrannus. Gets an X Variant for the volcano.
- Pulmonoscorpius: Model and animation rework. Is breedable with the bloodstalker mechanics. Now has two stances that can be changed with right click, L2 and the equivalent for xbox, The first is faster and allows you to grab small creatures ( under 100 drag weight, including flyers and aquatic creatures) and sting them dealing constant small amounts of damage and torpor. The second stance is slower but is a defensive stance, you can use your pincers quicker and these degrade armor and your stinger doesn't deal much torpor but has piercing damage and most importantly you can move sideways and backwards at the same speed, like the tapejara. Maybe it would be cool if it could dig and do a surprise attack in a similar way to the purlovia ( it wouldn't stun and dismount though) and I think it needs to be move better in steppe terrain kinda like the ovis. Gets an X variant for the Volcano.
- Carbonemys: Model and animation rework. You sit in its neck now and please fix the bigger player model bug. Now you can build some stuff in it's back, nothing too big but maybe a box or even a sleeping bag could help, it can now retract on it's shell for more protection and it's bite deals more damage and can harvest some resources in the ocean. Is omnivorous and inmune to electrocution ( Electrophorus are very common in genesis and the turtle could help with this). Now it's an overall better swimmer and can go into stepper terrain easier, to help climbing the cliffs in the ocean biome. Gets an X variant for the ocean.
- Megalodon: Model and animation rework. Can sense creatures like the bloodstalker and track creatures low on health, it can now build up speed for a charge and perform a deadly attack at the end of it that would deal bleeding and trike's stun effect. It would receive a huge buff when something is bleeding, that would improve it's stamina consumption and recovery, it's damage, damage reduction and speed. It can also breach out of the water and grab creatures. In case it beaches itself it can survive for a little while out of the water but has to go back or else it would die.
- Plesiosaur: Model and animation rework. Fix for it's aoe. C, R3 or Xbox equivalent allows you to change between streched neck ( longer aoe reach) and bent neck ( shorter reach). A new attack with which it hits enemies at it's sides by slapping it's flippers, if done at the surface this can stun creatures nearby and dismount riders by creating waves. It's amphibious now and it can strafe in water and can grab creatures. It deals extra damage to fish and amonites, and it can harvest prime fish meat from megalodon and salmon. Microbe swarms will also be scared of them. Their behavior is different now, they spawn at the surface but are docile until attacked. Gets an X Variant for the ocean.
- Megaloceros: Model and animation rework. The males gain the ability to pierce armor and charge. They also fight back in the wild. Both genders can gather berries and do a buck kick like the horse but instead of dealing torpor it stuns and deal good damage, the buck kick can also do a 180 spin if used while looking behind you for an easy escape. The females gain a bite similar to the horse but with a bit more damage are overall more agile than the males and can jump much higher, they can also go into steppe terrain easier. Gets an X Variant for the snow.
- Mammoth: Model and animation rework. Now can have a platform saddle and grab creatures with it's trunk. They have a charge that can throw creatures in it's way around like the Ferox. The trunk can also be used to smack or throw grabbed creatures and it's can store water in it to knockback creatures. They have a herd buff that improves their damage, defense and health recovery and gives them immunity to some debuffs like the Yutyrannus fear roar. Gives insulation. Gets X Variant for the snow.

That's all I would like to see, please let me know your thoughts.

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I will edit to include new ideas

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First I want to say I really your ideas for the titanboa. But I would like to see a size variable just like the fish. Also adapt the animals it can constrict by its size. For example, a 0.5 could only constrict small animals like dodos but a 3.0 could constrict a baryonyx. Its also important to make the size a variable in how much eggs it will need.

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Oh I see, variable sizes could be interesting, maybe even make female titanoboa reach larger sizes but males should be a bit faster since they would be smaller. And being able to constrict bigger creatures is certainly a good idea but I feel that would be a bit complicated to integrate. Regardless nice suggestion. I really hope titanoboa and other cave creatures get tlc because currently they serve no purpose.

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