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owl heal mechanic


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owl heal mechanic

hi survivors 

did someone know exactly how work owl healing mechinics?


is it based on hp base lvl 1 (325 hp) or on actually lvl of your owl at birth  without lvl up



arkpedia owl page mention that


The Snow Owl can freeze itself and other Creatures to regenerate health and get a heavy damage resistance, however they cannot do anything while frozen. This costs about 250 stamina per second and heals units for about 40 health per second and can not be improved. This is better for healing smaller creatures. In Patch 286.103, when changing the heal mechanic, it was mentioned that the heal was based on the owl's base health. Individual tests noted that, with 8500 total health, about 60 hp per second could be reached. More testing is needed to be sure if this is how it works.



if someone has answers to that :) 


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