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WE NEED MORE CREATURES! The game is really fun but after a while, it gets boring when you’ve tamed up every possible animal. You should consider bringing into mobile some more interesting creatures, for example the Thylacoleo. This creature is amazing and we need one that can climb walls, not hang on them like the tapajara. Please add at least THIS creature to the game. Im not asking for wyverns (although that would be awesome), just some new creatures from the pc version into mobile that are wild on the island NOT IN THE DUNGEONS! Other ideas would be the yutyrannus,  megalania, deinonychus, maybe even a rock drake (that’s just wishful thinking but whatever). Im serious, I know ALOT more people who would play this game if there were more creatures and items in the game (without having it in the shop or dungeons). Please add more (THYLACOLEO) and add more to GOD CONSOLE. Its been almost two years and we still cant do barely anything (try to make it like the pc version, the difference is that god console is free on there and here we paid $15). I hope this gets read, replied to, and considered for the NEAR future. Please, it’s a great game, probably one of the best, but it can be greater.?

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