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Add Save and Load Mechanic for Single Player


Save and Load Mechanic for Single Player

Can you please add the ability to save the game when the player wants to in Single Player? The auto save feature always saves at the worst time (ex. when your flying super high on a mount and you spawn in falling to your death, or in the middle of a battle with a Rex) and will often get you killed if you try to load back in after crashing. With the ability to save when you want and load previous saves, people will feel like they have more control of their game, because I for one hate feeling like i have to play supper safe or risk losing important gear or dinos all the time, and I am sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.... 

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Yes, but can i load the game back to that save or at least disable the annoying auto save and what about consoles because i play on Ps4? Also you shouldn't need to use an admin command just to save (or load if that's an option), there should be a UI for it, i mean come on, what other single player game don't have a button for saving and loading your game?

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