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Wyvern Milk with Preserving Salt / Preserving Bin timer at double speed



Wyvern Milk with Preserving Salt / Preserving Bin timer at double speed


Id like to suggest something in regards to Wyvern Milk and keeping it preserved in a preserving Bin with 'preserving salts'

Why does the spoilage timer tick at double speed when it says there is at least 4-5 hours of preservation left? ( I add preserving salt, in a preservation bin with 5 wyvern milk)..after that, all looks good.....then I hone into the timer and see it ticking faster......Whats the point in that?  (if a player has made the effort to get it they should be able to get a bit more spoil time out of it IMO )......( and you can't use the OB to keep resetting it.....each time I transfer it....it loses time.....)

I have access to tonnes of preserving salt and can keep topping it up........BUT..........the spoilage timer on the milk reduces at double the speed....so 5 hours would be roughly 2.5 hours which to me is illogical. It should be listed in a real time so we don't mess up our breeding process. E.g - if it says 5 hours,,,,it should be that......

Is this not totally illogical to gather 5 MILK from a wyvern.....and only be able to use at least 1 of them? at max - maybe a top up with a 2nd before it spoils???....but the rest are useless.......?

Lets face it, then game has tonnes of DLCs maps now.....some maps I hear have a longer spoil time.....should it not be just universal ? ( as people are transferring their stuff across maps all the time...?????? ) 

If someone has gone out and got the milk....they should be allowed to keep for a better time period....or how it is stated as......

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