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New Prehistoric Creatures, not Fantasy Creatures


New Prehistoric Creatures, not Fantasy Creatures

I'm not sure about the rest of the community but I bought Ark for the thrill of dinosaurs. Don't get me wrong, wyverns are really cool and titans really pose a good challenge, but we are missing new dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. When the Deinonychus was announced I was super excited because it has been so long since we got a real dinosaur in the game. Which is why I have put together a list of dinos and other prehistoric life that should be implemented to the game. Disclaimer: I do not have prepared base stats for any of these creatures.


nasutoceratops (nasu) would be the next tier from the trike (similar to how the rex is next tier to allo or carno) and would be an amazing addition to the game. It would spawn in the redwoods and on the boarders of snowy biomes. It's abilities would include:

- charge attack that temporarily stuns opponent

- standard attack (the nasutoceratops would smack it's head against the enemy like a trike)

- Overwhelming roar, that works like the yuty's roar causing enemy dinos to run away and loose control. For a player, it swap your controls around (forward goes backward. backward goes forward. inventory/item slot buttons are randomised) for a short period of time. 



ornithocheirus (orni) would spawn in coastal cliff locations and would be the next tier up from a pelegornis. It would share a similar wingspan to a quetz but would fly substantially faster. It's abilities include:

- standard bite attack

- a roar (has no buff or de-buff, just looks/sounds cool)

- carry

- Similar to a pelegornis, you do not get knocked off the ornithocheirus when near water. Instead it's mouth opens as you skim across the water. The lower jaw goes into the water and catches fish. It can sometimes catch other things like blueprints, wood, thatch and even parts of low-tier armor. To exit and enter fishing mode simply press the jump button when above water


wild baby dinos

This one pretty much speaks for itself. They are usually found near groups of their own species or in a species-specific nest.


Predator X

Predator X would be the aquatic equal to a giga. It's color patters would make it extremely difficult to see in the water and their spawn rates would be low. The would spawn near the top of the water in deep ocean locations. They would be fast and extremely aggressive. Abilities:

- standard bite 

- carry (If the creature/player carried is an enemy it does bleed damage)

- Thrash (latches onto larger creatures and shakes causing bleed and regular damage. this is also done with smaller creatures but those can be carried in it's mouth

- scares away most fish, ichthys, liopleurodon, jellyfish and angular fish


I tried to find a Carnivore but I couldn't think of one off the top of my head. Have a nice day Survivors :) 

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