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You cant do individual fights on valguero except if you consider brood cause its in the regular world and doesnt need to be summoned but it doesnt give engrams on valguero.

But in general the fight on valguero with mega,dragon,manticore is much easier than doing the fights seperately, only issue is manticore not landing sometimes. So the trick is to bring a good shotgun and lots of ammo if that happens. your rexes could probably handle it even on alpha if u have good saddles tbh. a couple more wouldnt hurt. Also bringing in like 4-5 deinonychus helps tremendously against the dragon portion. Send them in and the dragon doesnt target them but tries to walk towards you and your rexes, which it cant cause it will get stuck on the deinos who will kill it very fast with stacking bleed then u just focus the monkey, then manticore last.  GL

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Right now i loose my 4th team of Rexes on Beta Valguero. This manti should be removed or forced to land sometimes. She flies down and up all the time, frozes uppon and landing for 1-2s only few times in 20 minutes. Shotgun(nerfed max 298%) can't harm her...I'm loosing hope to have good fights.

Kolejna ekipa Rexów.jpg
And Rexes stats was: 80-85k HP + 2000% So they eat bosses quite nice.

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Rexes stats
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beta we took a daedon in with us, a yuty, and a bunch of rex, 5 man team, 1 on yuty, others on rexs, daedon set to passive heal.   took out dragon first staying at the spawn in point and letting it come to us, then rushed ape, shotgunned manti last, for it kept most rex centered in ring, while mounted stood back abit spread out.  it'd take it abit but it would eventually land, and all the rex would rush and attack it. we shotgun the manti down to a sliver of health.

everyone had journeyman flak, med brews, stimulate, 2 gasmasks and shotguns from 140-160%.  didn't lose anyone in the battle, though the daedon did come close, and i did end up getting knocked out just before the manti went down as my gasmask broke right at a hit.  but we made it through the fight.

I would hate to try to do the battle solo, i'd probably end up losing my dinos.  the rex we used ranged from 800-1000% damage and 30-35k health. good saddles are a must.

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