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pve EVO PVE Cluster *All Maps* Character LVL 300 + Dino LVL 480 / 4x Rates

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EVO PVE Cluster *All Maps* Character LVL 300 + Dino LVL 480
Welcome to our Great Cluster
We are friendly Cluster and Community and we plan to host our servers for a long time. We have some Boosted stats but not so crazy. Ark is a difficulty game and we let it be so.

We host All our servers at a Datacenter with Servers from HP with Xenon Gold CPU. We have one of the best latency and internetconnection with Dedicated Lines to USA East and central EU. This should mean your Lag will be minimum.

Our cluster have focus at Build, Tame, Breed and Trade. Our goal is to have good social Community without crazy Admins and Players. We have Active admins, but they do not interfear in your Daily game. They are there to help you when you relly need help. 

Join Our discord for all information:
Max level Player: 300
Max level Wild Dino: 480, Tek 576, Wyvern 608

- Tribe Tame Limit: 250
- 10x Taming
- 4x Crafting
- 4x XP
- 10x Hatching
- 30x Breeding/mature
- 4x Special XP
- 0.7x Egg interval / 6 hours
- 0.5x Food drain at tames
- 6x XP on dino stamina and weight
- 9x Character base weight
- 4x gas drain (this is very low)

Other Settings
- Aberration: Flyer is Disable
. Genasis: We have two Genasis servers. Server One you can Build at Mission Areas and Flyer is Enable. Server Two have No building at mission Areas and Flyer is Disable
- Cluster Global Chat
- Shop Plugin and Acution House
- Server Plugin who make more colorful dinos at all our Servers
- Website  Administration for your Tribe. You can administrate many things when you are offline from a webbrowser. Keep track at Everything when you not are in ARK.
Visit our adminpage at: http://evo-pve.com

- Custom Beacons (coming)
- You can craft Elements from Ingots using a Replicator
- Custom Stack Multiplier for various items, Stacking of Prime Meat, Mutton, Wyvern Milk, etc.
- Level 5, Unlocks TEK Generator and Transmitter Engrams
- Character and Dino downloads enabled
- Faster respawn of resources
- Longer days, shorter nights

Mods: Platforms Plus, eco's Stable Structures and Decor, eco's Garden Decor, Super Structures, Awasome Spyglass, Wildlife, StarterPack, Classic Flyers, eco's Terrariums, eco's RP Decor, eco's Tree, Auction House, Pimp my home, Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered, Dino storage V2, Marni Horses, StackMeMore

You can find our server at Steam Server Browser and look for: "EVO PVE". Or direct connect to our servers using IP and Portnumber:

EVO PVE Ragnarok IP: evo-pve.com:27010
EVO PVE Island IP: evo-pve.com:27013
EVO PVE Valguero IP: evo-pve.com:27015
EVO PVE Center IP: evo-pve.com:37017
EVO PVE Scorched Earth IP: evo-pve.com:37019
EVO PVE Aberration IP: evo-pve.com:37021
EVO PVE Genesis One IP: evo-pve.com:37023
EVO PVE Genesis Mission Server IP: evo-pve.com:37042
EVO PVE Extinction IP: evo-pve.com:37025
EVO PVE Crystal One IP: evo-pve:37027
EVO PVE Crystal Two IP: evo-pve:37038
EVO PVE Olympus IP: evo-pve.com:37031
EVO PVE SkiesOFNazca IP: evo-pve.com:27016
EVO PVE The Volcano IP: evo-pve.com:27012
EVO PVE Hope IP: evo-pve.com:37029

Welcome to join us

Best Regards
Admin Team
Edited by GandleALF
Add some new servers

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Posted (edited)

Here is the MOd´s we are using:

Platforms Plus

MOD ID: 719928795

eco's Stable Structures and Decor
MOD ID: 1091147617

eco's Garden Decor
MOD ID: 880871931

Super Structures
MOD ID: 1999447172

Super Spyglass
MOD ID: 793605978

MOD ID: 1984936918

Classic Flyers
MOD ID: 895711211

eco's Terrariums
MOD ID: 880887081

eco's RP Decor
MOD ID:741203089

Auction House v3.1.1
MOD: 898049820

Auction House Addon: Dino Preview
MOD: 1466110784

Pimp my home
MOD: 909377464

Dino Storage V2
MOD ID: 1609138312

MOD ID: 670764308

MarniiMods Horses
MOD ID: 1696957410

MOD ID: 1184731864

Edited by GandleALF

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We have addad a new map to our cluster. Map Hope is wildcard sponsor map and we have now included it our cluster. We run all Officall maps + 5 moded maps.
Here is some information about Hope and how you can download the map.

Map Hope
Mod Id: 869946022

Welcome to join our great PVE cluster and Community

Best regards
Admins team


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We have added two more mods.

MOD ID: 670764308

Dino Storage V2
MOD ID: 1609138312

We hope you join us at build a awasome base. We are planing to have a Open house Event to invite everyone to take a look at all nice houses around our Cluster.

Best Regards


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Today we have put in some new content at our drops at: Center, Olympus and hope. Why not join and find you a chibi.

We have lot of maps, all officiall maps ofc, and some mod maps. Do you want us to host your favorite map? Well let us know. We have lot of server capacity over and Always looking to expand our cluster and Community.  Feel free to Contact us at our discord.

Best regards

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We have added ARK Bot helper. With this bot you can go to a website and get all information about your Tribe and admistrate things without ARK running. Very useful bot to keep Control at Everything when you are offline. 

Here is a example how it works:
*This is not our ARK Bot, only the developers example site. So you can see how it looks.

Join our discord to get all the information and the adress to our admin page for your data.

Best Regards

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Our cluster have now started to use Auctionhouse. We have auctionhouse for Eggs, Dinos and items. 
We use Auction mod for trading, all servers/maps are included. Its a Cross moe who works all over the maps.
If you love to trade and buy things?  I Think you will love this Mod.

Here is a example how one or our shops look like.  


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