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Ark Monolithic update and Game Will Not start

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Ark Monolithic update and Game Will Not start

I have been trying to get into ark all day today and there was apparently a 3+ hr update.  After the update applied Ark would not start.  I went to the forum to see if there was an announcement and the forums were down for several hours.  I got a message saying something about the forum being updated.

Now that the forum is back up no announcement or anything  about what is happening.  What gives?  Some communication would be nice

I am on a reinstall and reapply of the updates hopping it works.  I have 6+ giga with unique event colors out that I have been trying to get to adult with the last little bit of the event.  I hope they have not starved.

These 3hr updates are ridiculous 

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After more than 9 hr of installation and a 76 gig download I finally got the base game to run and I could connect to an island server.


a total of 91 gigs for a base game on a console is insane.  A 76 gig download for a update is also insane.  This would have killed my internet usage if a temporary lift and data caps was not in effect.  I think this is the definition of bloat ware.

i still have to try to install the original dlc and see what happens.

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