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Ark Data Disappearing While Adding Items

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We definitely have something going on on officials and it doesn’t seem to be related to putting in fast or slow.   But it’s usually just one or 2 things don’t show up ,  not everything out in.



whst I’ve found can save the single item is stop putting stuff in the moment it happens and close the trans and open again usually will bring the item back up.  But if I put another item in right after I see it not properly refresh then it will be lost.

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about half a year after new servers opened i remember i uploaded structures to make a base on a center map and i lost a stack of 100 walls. so this dates pretty far back, maybe it always existed.

now i upload everyday and occasionally i loose an item. but it doesnt come close to the damage that rollbacks can cause, a tribemate lost a full stack of 300 cryopodded dinos once. this transfer system needs a complete overhaul. it isnt working.

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Still no fix on my end. The owner of Host Havoc had said he put a ticket in with WC and he'd keep me in the loop, but that was near the end of April and I've heard nothing since. Based on this thread, it still sounds to me like our specific issue is a host problem, but they just point the finger at Wildcard. As far as I'm concerned, it's a fairly game-breaking issue, so I've taken a break in the hopes that enough complaints will produce a solution.

It sounds like the issue on official is slightly different, but certainly within the same mound of crap. Host Havoc users seem to be sharing the exact same problem though, where it isn't only the item you move in/out of Ark Data that disappears, but rather it deletes the item AND everything else currently uploaded.

I'd love to come back and try out the new map, but I think it's safe to assume the problem will persist there too :(

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