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Transfer Ticket Maintenance (April 2020)

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Hi there. My 10yo nephew and I are in a tribe together and I want to transfer away from Gravestone-easy- PVP-NA Server to a PVXC server which is medium. We are transferring because both the chat and the dynamic of the alpha Chinese tribe is not palatable and I am concerned about what I am exposing my nephew to in continuing in that server. Having PVE to retreat to in the mix is a better dynamic when the pvp gets too much and too personal. We have been targeted in gravestone  because we refused to pay a ransom of 1000 potent dust to avoid being raided. It’s not something I am comfortable exposing a child to. But, I’m not sure on the transfer rules. Can I transfer from an easy pvp to a medium pvx? It’s the only one we could find with sufficient room in the tame and structure cap. Your advice appreciated. I am a primal pass holder and he will be if needed. Thanks 

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