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Let us protect our servers ourself

LET US DEFEND OURSELVES IF YOU WONT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE KIDS FLOODING DATA INTO THE SERVER'S TO LAGTHEM FFS. SOME OF US KNOW HOW TO ACTULLY FIND THESE KIDS AND SHUT THEM DOWN. WE CANNOT THO WITHOUT PREMISSION SO GIVE US PREMISSION OMG ITS GETTING OLD. I like this game but really sick of this. Either enforce you code of conduct or more of us will quit. And a free dlc isent compensation for the hours lost cause some snot nosed brat had their feelings hurt because they play PVP and their dinos got killed. PVP means your dinos will be killed get over it. Ive been wiped we all have pick your self up and rebuild. So stupid. We need age restricted servers so adults cam play without children to limit this "ddoss" issue. And its not a ddoss or ddoss attack people. Its a packet stress test on I think 75 different ports to the server causing a data overflow and the processing memory cannot deal with it fast enough so it gets overloaded and ping goes up cause your info and the packet stress info are coming in at the same time. So stop calling it a ddoss attack pleeeease. It is a cybercrime to attack a server you do not own with a stress tester tho. A federal offence and why I am begging wildcard to give PREMISSION to thos of us that know how to defend the servers from this to do it. I wont do 20years because I tryed to stop a ddoss he'll no. PREMISSION can be conditional. I know theres thousands of us ready to turn computers on and drop these people faster than you can devs at wild card. But thats on you to have a "security application" fpr us to file to get PREMISSION. Doubt I get a reply from the devs or engineering department but I can hope. Any who agree just reply with I agree. Thanks for the support 

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