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Looking for a tribe to join, either small tribes or any server that regularly wipes. Have 2500hours on xbox and 350hours on pc, will play only pc now. Starting a fresh lvl1 char as I haven't played pvp servers in almost a year. Enjoy all aspects, farming, taming, breeding, building and pvp (not the best at fighting though). Play for between 2-8 hours a day. Just want people who have fun, have a laugh and can be serious when needed. Over 30yo. Discord: DemonikGoblin#9570

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Platform: Steam

Steam name: noplex4life

I am a brand new ARK PC player, but have 1000+ hours on console. I am a full on grinder and that's about all I like to do. I don't care about rising up the ranks, I just want to fill vaults and tek storages. Give me a dedicated grinding partner and we will make it happen. I don't like to sit idle when I'm in game, which other tribes I've been in has had a problem with. I'm like a shark, if I'm not moving or working, I'm dying lol

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Hi :d (PC STEAM) 

Name: Victor

Country: Denmark

Time played: About 2400 hours

Im looking for a tribe either on smalls or unofficial (only pvp). I am like lvl 85  or somethingon small-tribes, big sad.

I dont know how much i can be online each day because my working hours are random. But i will be online everyday and all the time on weekends. 

I basically just want a fun and nice tribe.

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198019123971/

Discord: VictorB#6872

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I've been playing ARK on singleplayer for a while and have gotten slight cabin fever playing a world by myself. I'm looking to join somebody's group preferably in a PVE server. 

I have done much research on the game and have no qualms doing the gritty, grindy work like building, harvesting, or breeding animals. I will also be happy to join in taming crews or exploring.


I'm also not like a 10 year old (just to clarify.) I'm an unemployed 16 year old and as such, I can pump a very reasonable amount of time into the game and the tribe. I have no problem on playing early mornings or late nights. 


My discord is Brown Sugar#4439 so DM me if interested.

I look forward to hearing from one of you!

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I’m looking a tribe to join or other players to start a tribe with in PVP mode on the PS4 platform. 

Preferably players over 16 years old and in the EU time zone. 

Im a new player myself with approx 30 hours of gameplay, playing on an official Island (pvp) server and currently at lvl 60


Please get in touch.

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Looking to join pve on Xbox one. 
 I am a full time working parent who has a weird schedule but likes to play the game. 
Played solo on the island for a few months and on Ragnarok a bit. 
Ive grown decent with most aspects of surviving the Ark but I really enjoy exploration and building good looking working homes and not a stone or wooden square box. 
Im a team player through and through even if I’m not officially hooked with a tribe, I’ll affiliate and work with as long as the arrangement is mutual. 

Discord: Merridian#0248

Language: English

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Looking to join PvP Ps4

relatively new to the game. Knew about it in 2016. Logged in a bunch of hours on switch. Migrating to ps4 because of the sale.  Have all the dlc. Know the island like the back of my hand. Would like to explore the new dlc I’ve been missing out on like ab and rag. Definitely wanna check out valguera and find out why everyone really doesn’t like it. 
Open to RP. 
Open to form tribe with people if they’re also new. 
would love some tips if possible from some vets. 
Also I use mic  

my ps4 username: FaithfulPop_gun
my discord but I’m rarely on it: Caligula#4061


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Im looking for a tribe of 3-4 people for Pve. Im a strategy team player with a lot of experience. I play Ark on pc every day for 2 years now and im very good at it.

The reason I want to be in a tribe is because im bored of playing alone. My favorite ark is Genessis, but i love them all.

I can solo tame a titan or any other creature. My favorite dino is Argentavis.




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Hello fellow survivors

Sounds like you have a bad case of Cabin Fever?

If you could answer these questions it may help a tribe find you.


Age?  Platform? PVE or PVP? lvl? Timezone? what are you good at? what are you looking for in a tribe? activity?  what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? Don't forget to leave a Discord tag most tribes require Discord & mic.

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Why is finding tribemates next to impossible? Can you even private message people on this?

Bro Ark is hard enough, I didn't think finding one or two people to play it with in it's million bodied fanbase would be harder than the game itself. 

Literally every day I play I eventually get raided by someone in a clan. NO. MATTER. WHAT. SERVER. I. GO. TO. 

I can't have poop so I go to the raptoring forums designed for raptoring people like me and there's nobody here who even raptoring plays the game.

So I ask you, what is the point of this? 

I'm reading through thread after thread, endlessly surfing. I haven't found a single raptoring person to join someone else. Its just endless messages to nobody read by nobody. There's even tribe pages with literally no information on how to join the tribe, contact anyone in the tribe, or find out what raptoring system they're even playing on without going to the group creator's page which is useless because usually people put all 3 raptoring consoles in their bio for some reason, as if you're mindlessly playing Ark all the raptoring time 24/7 with three different accounts without concern for the decay of your living cells. You can't even post in some of these and posting your discord doesn't really do much either. If only i could raptoring DM people on this forum but that would be way too much to ask I guess. 


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This is the first post I've ever seen for someone looking tribemates for primitive Plus. I looked into it and seen there was a bunch of engrams to this mod. It was designed by Cedric the community manager for art. But I can't bring myself  To give up electricity. I just don't see how it fits him with the storyline. If you interested in playing PVE send me a message on Discord.

Discord tag.   Overwatch#6045

Oh and I found these narrated Explorer notes to be very entertaining. Learning The Lure of Ark and the island.

Good luck Survivor

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