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Ark isn't what it used to be, an enjoyable, balanced , fun game. Dupe & abuse of the game has literally killed the community. The game is so broken right now & needs a restart before it completely dies. I suggest and most, if not all of the community would agree with me about this. These are the steps that you must take to bring the game back to life more then ever, and make profit.


1. Patch Dupe

2. Reset official servers

3. Nerf meks

4. No building in caves ( caves killed real Pvp)

5. Make official 3x all the time & more on special events. 

6. Try to fix DDoS 



7. Sell in game stuff so you can create a budget to support your company & work on your game that me & many more people used to love. 



How many signatures do I have to get on a petition for you to do this because the community is dying and with these changes that we as a community want and you as developer need, you could make ark the best experience any of us could ever have, while making profit.

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Posted (edited)

I don't want 2, 5, or 7 and 3 should be nerfed only by cost. A Mek should be OP, just make it more expensive. 

Community is fine from what I can see. Lots of players. Games still going strong. Sounds like you're just not having fun anymore. That's the nature of games. Take a break or find a new goal.

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