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Need final boss advice

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I think that rock golems probably won't work for you, for a couple reasons:

  1. The most important part of the boss is gathering and depositing keys

    If you aren't killing corrupted avatars fast enough, and your dinos can't keep the area clear for you to pick up the keys, you will fail. I'm not sure that golems have enough dmg and AoE to make this easy for you, and if you are riding them you won't be able to get to the deposit location when it moves.
  2. No matter how much damage your rock golems can tank, the last stage will overwhelm you

    The corrupted gigas will do a % damage to your golem with each bite, so HP is irrelevant. Some people say feeding your dino lesser antidote can prevent this.
    The laser beams from master controller will dismount you, and you will die almost instantly to the reapers/rexes. And your golems won't be fast enough to move under the bridges to avoid the beams.
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Our server takes boss rexes plus a yuty (for damage reduction/boost). I have not finished the boss yet because I've died during 2 attempts, but others survived.

The key seems to be having people dedicated to collecting keys, and sticking together as group. If a bunch of people have 20 keys each in stage four, you can quickly deposit them after each damage stage.

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For the final phase watch out for his stun beams.

Bring 1 or 2 Daeodons, mounted are prefered, they heal your dinos faster. Use all available soups for extra stat buffs on your character. If you get stuck on the ground shoot the gigas and reapers with your shotguns as much as you can. And focus keys!

Always have 1 tame on ignore group whistles, follow on you and passive.

This way you can get up on a tame fast when in need. Focal chili for speed buff is a really good soup. But use em all for additional buffs. Also put a lot of points in movement speed on your character. You will need it. NO fortitude is needed!

The gigas and reapers must die quick so try to whistle your rexes on them when you see them. I know its hard but try. Then just run around with your yutyrannus and buff the rexes where you can.

Just dont forget to gather keys, its easy to get distracted. Thats what the boss want. Hope this helps you out!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help guys, currently taking a break from ark. spawned in and was randomly dead and my body decayed. Lost my favorite tame, ascendant long neck rifle, and high quality gear. A bit frustrating, believe my corpse fell through the ground and drowned. Will be sure to try these tactics out when the ark itch comes back. 

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We did gamma with 18 rexes (arround 30K health and 600 damage), a yuti and a deodon.
First few stages are easy, one persone collecting keys and everybody else was killing on mounts.

Final stage the deodon healed us at the start and then only the yuti rider will stay on the mount and direct the other dino's. Aim for the gigas and reaper kings first. 
If you keep them on the gigas they will kill them before they can do serious damage. 
Everybody else is on foot for the keys and shooting the boss in the damage phase. 
Do not attack the boss with the dino's but try to keep them near the bridges to protect them from the laser.
Only 5 from the 10 people survived so we will try it again with rhinos to check if that will work better.

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