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Ways to improve hit detection

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Ways to improve hit detection


I joined Ark last week and I have really, really bad hit detection. Tried multiple servers, had the internet provider check stability and line noise/interference, tried all the graphic settings but nothing seems to help.

  • I'm running a 3800x, GTX 1080 and 32 Gb ram
  • Up to date Windows 10 Pro
  • The game runs a smooth 90 to 130 fps at 1440p
  • Solo on a server with 12 ping
  • Closed all services/applications that use internet and even monitored them for a bit

This morning I've 'hunted down' 9 of those thieving birds with a crossbow. All but one died with a single "hit that actually hit"... and it "only" toke 237 stone arrows ? I missed around 43 arrows and the rest did hit on my end. The birds looked like bleeding porcupines at the acupuncture on a bed of nails ? Even a rather close Bronto didn't register 14 of the ~200 shots.

Google search didn't help one bit, it only showed me a lot off the same basic tips like lower graphics and don't use background stuff that connects to the internet.

Is there anything I could have missed???

I'm really hooked on the game, but the hit detection is driving me really crazy ?


All tips are welcome!!!


ps: another thing that drives me crazy is the constant, overwhelming sound a lot of dinos make. Like my egg farm dodo's or the stomping. I can't stand being around it with SFX sound on.

Are there mods or servers that have muted or lowered  this??? Does deleting/altering the sound files get you banned? I'm getting a lot of conflicting search results on this... 




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The one thing I can think of is to make sure you are running the game at the same resolution as your monitor. Go to windows desktop right click -> display settings, somewhere in there it probably says something about resolution, e.g. 1680 x 1050, remember those numbers and launch ark and go to options, look in the graphics section and make sure the numbers are the same. Beyond that the only other tip I have is to watch the cross hairs after each shot, if they turn red you hit it. It might also help to practice some more, get used to arks weirdness. The hit boxes on a lot of things in the game are probably poorly placed.

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I only have this problem on Servers, Singleplayer works fine for crossbows.

But the rifle with the tranq darts have issues with creatures especially with the penguins, even on single player.


You can see this in some PVP videos where people randomly shoot at people and give them headshots.

Or when they throw bolas.

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