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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

I’ve put in a ticket everyday for almost 5 months. Call me persistent. 

It is Very sad, all these year's later and the company still has month  2 issue's . 608, 596 , 380 , 71 ,371 , 455, 46,  503... Really shows us what wildcard thinks of us by allowing our servers to go

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Extinction 1061 pve Down too??

I was Stuck In Aberration For Like Days Until Finally Yesterday Morning I Found My Way Out. Then My Boyfriend Was Like "Lets Tame A Few Dinos In Extinction " So We Was In Extinction For Hours He Had To Go Back And Get Supplies From Our Original Server He Got Out Okay But Then I Got Kicked And Couldn't Find The Server Again Neither Could He To Go Back its disappears and reappears When it wants to moving back to my old rag Server it never lets me down??????

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3 hours ago, LoK said:

NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-Aberration738 is missing

My home server Aberration738 is not listed as an available server. There's several North American servers missing. What is going on? I was able to get into my server via an invite to join a friend, but the server listing is missing.

Legacy-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer69 is down too. Same as you, can join through invite but doesn't show up on server list. Other servers are missing too

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On 8/22/2020 at 3:04 PM, Soulsmax said:
12 hours ago, Yllo said:

2 days without acces to my server PVE EU OFFICIAL CRYSTAL ISLES. allways this message i put a ticket since 2 days but no one asked me what should i do guys unknown.png


They released a couple of patches for connection to crystal isles, might have fixed your issue? 

I tired playing last night and the issues I was having mysteriously disappeared, didn't see anything regarding it in the patch notes... 

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Servers not in list but not down?

For the last week or so I have noticed my servers on xbox official pve have been disappearing for hours at a time. At first I thought they were actually down from a crash or whatnot but now I am finding out that they are not down, people are still playing on them the entire time, the server just doesnt appear when searched for no apparent reason. The other day I was on my genesis server, had a bunch of yuti's raising, told my friend that his were ready for imprint, but he couldnt see the server. I was on and playing like normal with 10 other people online at the same time, So I log out and go to log in to confirm what hes saying and low and behold the server doesnt show. Ended up having to wait hours to get back in and do our imprints.

Every day for the last week ive been seeing my favorited servers not appearing like this and its becoming a problem. Seems to affect my genesis and extinction servers most often and aberration less so, and the island/valguero I dont think ive seen down at all recently. Anyone else having this issue or figured a workaround of some sort?

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and its down again ..... how many times people have to report it ? I've played on many other servers but this server doesnt stop lagging/crashing AT ALL. why is it so hard for wildcard to actually acknowledge there is a problem that needs to be addressed? 2-3x day we are crashing and if we are not crashing people are timing out. this is poor customer service 

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6 hours ago, Wackysaurus said:

 Usually the servers suffers when there are excessive structures and such, so what can they really do? Wipe a tribe for having too many structures or too many dinosaurs? It would be extremely unfair to punish one tribe even if they could be causing the issue. 

The issue is not due to structures.  The issue is due to an excessive amount of players connecting via VPN.  The lag is noticeably less when these users are offline.  Either the servers need to be updated to better hardware, or VPN users need to be block, and region lock needs to be put in place, otherwise the issue will persist.  That being said, of the other heavily populated servers we play on, with fewer VPN users, these issues do not exist.  

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Once again my server came back online after being dead/mostly dead for hours/days/over a week, the performance slowly got better, more and more people flocked to it, crash BANG hamster fire. I was in the middle of the swamp cave ffs. Rip cave gear/dinos. :( Endless cycle of people going back to play on their servers when they come back, but the servers can't handle like 15/30 or more players connecting. Seriously wc figure this out, what do you need to do? Perhaps lower the server player cap from 70 to 15?

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