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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes

Message added by invincibleqc

Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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Can PVE Official Dupers Announce Which Servers They'll be DDOSing?

Since Wildcard @Cedric seem to be ok with dupers on official PVE (as they only implemented anti-duping on PVP), maybe the cheaters who are DDOSing servers at random to dupe stuff could start a forum thread to announce which servers will be crashed. You could post it anonymously, thats fine. It would really help people plan for bosses and other events more confidently, instead of every transfer, trade and boss summon being a roll of the dice.

Thanks in advance.

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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

You must mean gaining.

Stop wasting everyone's time by hijacking their complaints about official servers, and turning them into a back and forth on why they should play unofficial. We weren't born yesterday. Many of us have

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As an active player and trader on 455 with my tribe of four total, none of us can stay connected period. Every minute is a disconnect and since when is it pvp?! I joined a pve server for a reason. Now it's classified as unofficial with no battle eye as well. I've also submitted some reports in hopes this gets fixed but really, this needs some attention for the playerbase that frequents there or tries to at the very least. 

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dafuq is going on with your server ?

Dear WC, 

Did you ever played on offi server ? it`s horrible. It makes 0 fun. All the player get`s disconect for hours every 30 minutes or less. On my server ( ext-466 pve ) you can do nothing. I made 3 times an osd and got disconected everytime in wave 4 or 5. Before you make new dlcs you should fix the servers... Well you MUST. incase not so many players will quit because IT MAKES 0 FUN LIKE THIS!!!

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The ability of a game to at least stay connected for its player base should be fundamental. Several of the servers I visit have the same issue...only staying connected for 5-20 minutes at a time. With this kind of stability, maybe it should be put back in the closet or just dumped altogether because even ALPHA versions of most games I play can keep you connected. Any programmer attached to the network side of this game should be embarrassed and be looking for employment as a dishwasher or maybe even a  fry cook. Any management that lets this happen should be replaced on the spot! I don't see how WC can justify making new content if the current content isn't even stable....Wilcard...Hang your head in shame, your running off your customer base faster than you can bring more in...its a formula for failure. 

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