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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles830 went offline six times today, seven if you include the minor update (that one had a warring -.-). 
Every other server i play and, as far was i can tell other Crystal Isles are on, but the 830 just doenst show on the list for a "few" minutes, get back online (with the good old rollback) owrk a a few hours then.... offline again, no warring. 


Sconed day now, same BS, random DC/offiline server on save. It have being almost unplayable.

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On 6/23/2022 at 3:02 PM, ReyFury2197 said:

Hey man I don’t know ,but it’s happening to me too ,like you try to find a ark online but it doesn’t appear any server ,that’s happening to me but they don’t understand they think that I can’t join my “server “and I don’t have one ,I have been trying to explain that to them but I don’t know what else to do 😓

Yeah ,cause they don’t care ,I don’t know ,why cause for Real I love this game ,they say to Write a formulary explaining with which server im having the issue but they just don’t care I have a picture where it shows the problem ,and they still sending me emails telling me same 💩

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Every time I say, let me drop by gen 2 and see if the crashes , lag and rollbacks are gone, it means my character will be stuck there for 2 or 3 hours with risk of losing all my mision progress again. I just went there today to try to tame a stryder, like 20 min later, bye server. 1 hr later nada, its been like this for months. map full of 290182094134 cloners and 1904819034104 pillars and 19829482942 crabs, this is like the biggest garbage hole ever. It was only playable at release, now you are lucky if you get to refresh your base and don't get stuck there for 2 or 3 hours or even days. Any news of fixes? no, they already got the $$$ >.> And the worst part is, I moved from my original gen 2 server, a little bit before transfers it was already unplayable, like 1 month 20 days later the new server was on the same hole. Its been like this for a year now, transfer there at your own risk. NA 992 gen 2

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