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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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1 hour ago, Msp420 said:

Que tal WC!!!

Qual é o status com GenOne942 pve . Este servidor não respondeu à consulta e eu tenho dinossauros e coisas muito importantes aqui. Isso vai ser consertado? Por que está demorando tanto para resolver? Apenas um movimento normal de WC. Além disso, este jogo ocupa quase 500GB. Vocês estão todos altos!!!



942 status dead.....

it's the same as my NA- PVE -Official-TheCenter56

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On 26/01/2022 at 17:35, Synkitty said:

Eu não sei para onde ir com isso (sim, eu coloquei um tíquete de interrupção do servidor) Eu tenho um novo sobrevivente (nível 38, eu acho) no NA PVEO servidor TheCenter56 e quando fui fazer login depois que eles desligaram os servidores na segunda à noite, ele desapareceu. Eu olhei para ele e tentei ir para Steam/view/servidores e esse servidor simplesmente sumiu. o outro servidor em que eu tenho um sobrevivente dirá 3/70 ou qualquer outra coisa e isso literalmente diz 0/0 para esse servidor. Procurei filtrar por sobrevivente no jogo e o sobrevivente que tenho no TheCenter nem está aparecendo. Não consegui obter nenhuma resposta além da resposta generalizada gerada por computador que lista correções que literalmente não fizeram nada. Eu coloquei no relatório de interrupção, mas ninguém me respondeu sobre isso também. Eu nem sei se este site ainda está funcionando, pois a última data que estou vendo foi anos atrás.

Se alguém puder me ajudar a apontar na direção certa, eu agradeceria muito. Estou executando o jogo no meu PC e os servidores em que joguei são todos NA e PVE , mas o TheCenter56 é o único que estou tendo problemas

luckily i don't have a character on 56, you should open a character loss ticket


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After much research and testing I have a possible solution.  I believe some players Lost Island download files are corrupted.  Everytime you log in your unable to, or crash immediately?  So does the whole Lost Island server your on when this happens.  Your download files are corrupt and ARK cannot communicate with them properly causing the game to crash while trying to read them.  The solution....Delete and re-install your game.  I know this is a pain.  But it will take less time then it takes to have failed log ins and non stop crashing.  

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I know that there was supposed to be maintenance being done with these servers, as shown below, but NA-PVE-CrossPlayOfficial-Aberration843 has been not appearing at all in my server list since and I don't know how long maintenance is supposed to take. I just hope I haven't lost all of my progress and have to start over, cause at that point I'd probably just quit the game. 


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25 minutes ago, Yggdrassil said:

Make sure you search for the server, it had maintenance yesterday so the IP may have changed and it wont appear on your favs

Ugh I hate when that happens, I almost lost all my stuff once cause I didnt realize that could have been the problem and I thought it was down, I had searched it and couldnt find it anywhere!

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juego en varios mapas de ark oficial, ultimamente estoy en lost island 1126 y se hace imposible jugar, hoy en 1hora y 30 minutos se debe haber caido alrededor de 40 veces el servidor, ya vengo acostumbrado porque he jugado todos los mapas de Ark pero este nuevo está batiendo todos los records de inestabilidad, mejorenlo un poquito al menos por favor, nunca un juego me hizo padecer tanto en toda mi vida, muchas gracias

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Server 1549 has been on and off since yesterday.

Was working for most of the eastern standard morning and afternoon Feb 4th.

It’s now Feb 5th.


server gets disconnected, then shows zero pop, then won’t even show up in server list.

Then a undetermined varying amount of time later the server pops up and can log in for

5-10 mins if lucky before it crash’s or gets taken offline.


raising over 100 babies on 4 troughs….with gigas…..at this point I’ll just be happy if the server shows up and I can get my character off server until it calms down. 

Im not gunna scream for help into the void of the internet like it will magically fix the issue most likely being worked on already……

But personally I’d like to know why it’s happening just for personal record. 

Been playing almost 6 years now…..never lost a character…never got Arkd bad in a update or in general.

So I’m wondering…..is today the day I finally get Arkd good.


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I am on a Lost Island map PVE and we are suffering through some serious server issues. For one is it just our server that is crashing constantly or is it a common issue lately? No one can go out away from their base cuz almost every time we get on a flyer the server crashes and kicks everyone off. Only to have to franticly get on a back up flyer to go get your bag. Sometimes we are successful in getting our stuff back and sometimes not. No one can raise wyverns cuz the trench is an instant DC. I have lost babies that I put out to grow and got DC'ed to find me one less baby and nothing in the tribe log just poof. Is/Will WC do anything about the server server performance and will it continue into the Feb Valentines event? Is there a way other than server outage reports that seem to go unanswered, to let WC know the server is unplayable. Any advice is welcome.

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Here's a real simple suggestion. Numerous servers have been offline for over 48 hours and you have not communicated one iota of concern or information. 


How hard is it to say "This block of servers is down and we're investigating to get them back up asap?" 


See? That took 10 seconds to type and tweet. Surely someone could pretend to be a Social Media Manager for your Server Team, since you're apparently doing nothing else in that department. 

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