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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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8 hours ago, sk1ff said:

In the evening I go into the game and see .... that my parasaurus was starving to death (the feeder is full!) And he died! And my giga (she was standing in the base yard) with epic armor and a saddle - suddenly DIED! (from what - it is not known) The rest of the animals are scattered around the base, a couple of Managarmrs from the yard fell into the forest above the base. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SERVER? Why did my animals die for such fantastic reasons? Who will be responsible for this?

This is a paid game. We pay and the developer provides us with a quality game for our money. But in this case we are simply being deceived.

I urge you to investigate this case and return MY animals to me. I do not need any others to replace, return to me those that were illegally taken from me due to the fault of your inadequate servers.

In the end, the server has crashed several times already. Roll it back for a day pls, don't mock your players!

You upset me terribly. The game should be fun and not cause a nervous breakdown in the player.

Trying to put the rest of the dinos in cryocapsules and voila! The server died again, without warning!

Guys, this is not Gen2, this is the Island! If this happens to him, then your game really dies. Why do we need a new map even if the old ones can no longer work? Spend some money on server upgrades. And prohibit, really FORBID all these farms with hundreds of dinos for sale - it kill server and because of these merchants no one can play!

The server got up, worked for exactly 3 minutes and then crashed again.
I have no more words ... 🤬☹️

I lost my dino too! My 4 shadowmanes was starving to death!!!

When will this bullying of the players stop?????


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*Puts tinfoil hat on*

971 is unable to stay up because it's a giant map, and the server was one of the original at launch so it's way overpopulated and has far too many dinos-for-sale breeding ops (those GIGANTIC bases with every color of every dino for sale at level 377, usually box tribes). The server has frequently hit the max-dinos-on-server cap.

 The game simply can't handle the scale of saves in PVE, so wildcard can't really do anything about it and is letting the server be down so that when it comes back people will migrate elsewhere, reducing the buildings and dinos on the server, which is the only way to solve the problem.

*Removes tinfoiil hat*

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... and has far too many dinos-for-sale breeding ops (those GIGANTIC bases with every color of every dino for sale at level 377, usually box tribes). The server has frequently hit the max-dinos-on-server cap.

The game simply can't handle the scale of saves in PVE, so wildcard can't really do anything about it ...

They can ban them. Or have them run separate servers for the farms.

The point of the game is survival, not dinosaur trading. In general, I am extremely surprised by the legalization of such farms in the game. Why should merchants stop everyone from playing because of their perceived profits?

It is impossible to be near any such farm! Everything lags, the server crashes, not the game but sucks.

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After having a chat with dev, problem with 971 is corrupted file that started during turkey event and we lost 10 days cause of it and had to rollback to Nov 25th to try to fix it but the problem happened again during the current v340.12 patch to end the event and server was the only one that couldnt auto restart after. Had to be manually restarted few hours later but had to be rolled back an hour to a working save. It stayed on for few hours before crashing and stayed down till today as they're trying to debug whats causing the rare corrupted save problem

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An appeal to the WildCard company from players who have lost characters, bases, dinoes, personal belongings, etc. December 9-10, 2021 due to problems with EU cluster servers.

I strongly ask you not to transfer my post to the topic of instability and server crashes. It's about something else.

I don't understand why the company behind such a really great game has a policy of total disrespect for the players. Why don't you want to help us even if the losses are due to your fault?

You have the opportunity to return all lost items to players, including their dinos. But you'd rather give us a random mid-level animal instead of ours, tamed and raised to the highest level. You are not helping to get things back. You don't want to waste time on us at all. You sold the game and just forgot about us. WHY?

Is it really so difficult to generate an animal of the right level (at least!) and the right color with the console command? Use the command to bind him to player. All this is available on unofficial servers, so you can do it too. But you don’t want to. "Company policy" does not allow you to help players. Why do we need such a policy? You save on pixels, and as a result, you lose players who are disillusioned with the game. They quit the game and are unlikely to come back. This is a very bad policy considering that ARC2 is being developed. You will create such a strong negative field around this internet game that you are unlikely to recoup the cost of a new game. Players will simply stop trusting you.

Let's say you find it difficult to keep a large support staff and this is what causes all the problems with your "official support policy". Ok, there is a great working way to solve this. Just enter the monthly payment for the game. We are ready to pay the same $ 10-15 per month, but at the same time receive real help, not handouts and ignoring all problems.

Also, since your servers are so load sensitive, take action - ban (finally) all server-killing dinos farms! Why should we suffer because of those who profit from this game? Why is this even possible? Forbid to keep more than 30 dynos on the base at the same time (there are cryopods for this) and the load will decrease significantly.
Or make separate servers for these breeders. Let them suffer for their profit separately from us.

Due to recent events (crashes and shutdowns servers, December 9-10), our tribe has lost 5 excellent unique animals, high-level tek-armor, but the main thing - is the desire to continue playing in conditions of complete neglect and ignoring on the part of the game administration. We have 5 tribes in the alliance. And everyone is in a mood on the verge of leaving the game.

If you do nothing, you will lose us forever. Those who were fans of this game. Namely, we bring you money!

Sorry for my raw English, this is not a my native language

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