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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles853 nowhere to be found.

Still waiting.  WildCard - would you please do the courteous and professional thing, and start up a status thread on this and let us know what you are doing about the problem?  What's the problem?  What's the ETA for a fix?  How many other server down reports are there?  Like were can we see the list?  Why are you just leaving us in the dark to get angry at you?  It's like reporting into a black hole with you guys, just give us something!

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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

You must mean gaining.

If people aren't providing you with an answer, that's most likely because they don't have an answer.  This is a long thread with lots of people having issues,  don't get salty with the rest of th

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I'm not sure why this is happening.  My guess is that it is happening to lots of people on quite a few servers judging from forum posts.  I cannot see my server when running the game through EPIC.


I'm playing via EPIC, and this server does not appear in the server list, and many other servers are not showing up also, like most of the NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles85* servers are not there.  853 shows up in my Favorites list, but running it from there crashes the game to desktop, with an unhandled assertion:

Assertion failed: IsValid() [File:F:\build\SummerBash2021\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Templates\SharedPointer.h] [Line: 658]

which is the shooter_game!opus_repacketizer_out_range unhandled exception.


This is obviously a significant issue affecting many people.  I'm surprised Wildcard has not really said anything about it and is just leaving us to stew in anger.  That's just a bit careless.

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I have had this problem before - with Crystal Isles 836 about a month ago, and Gen2 937 a few days ago, but they just fixed that one. Make sure to file the server outage reports.

One thing you can do while you wait for the fix is to manually connect to the server using console commands - open a single player game, hit tab for the console, then type open ipaddress:port number - battlemetrics will have the ip address and port number. This will let you get onto the server for a few minutes (before battleye kicks you off) but should be enough to cryopod up tames, and/or do quick food runs.

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Hello, I play in 1004 and the server has been down since last night, I suppose there will be more servers in this state. I imagine that like me, the others will also want to know what happens.


I cannot give food to the babies dinos of Valguero because my character is in the fallen server.


Greetings, I wait for answers.




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I'm not sure if something major happened like a big power outage but only Gen2 so far seem affected. People will lose their dinos but doubt we will get any help with that, as this is my experience in the past. Would be nice if their is a regular update if something big happens, without having to be on twitter to have any chance of info.

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In my opinion Gen2 should have never been released as it was not ready it has been a hot mess since day one

and not much has changed. How long is 2 long for a server to be down keeping in mind we have all paid for this game?

At the least we should have been notified from wildcard what the issue is and what they are trying to do to correct it.

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17 hours ago, ASTRAIN said:

How many more people do you have to complain to get an answer? Server 890 PVE the island is crashed.

I have the same problem as everyone, I attach images, I do not know what else I can do to enter the server, I have not been able to do it for 5 days






With today's update the problem of the 890 server was solved at least for me.




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Hi over last couple of days there's been a lot updates and broken stuff... And some where in the middle of It all my home server has gone missing I was on proper xbox eu server 3 days session not found now... Soooooo ive tryed tickets no answer other then try links mybe you'll find server .... Yeah right... So is there anyone that knows where to find out what happened to server 1037 Extinction xbox one.. If they closed it completely it mite of been bloody nice to have message saying it was shutting down 3 days ago, when i was last on so i could of transferred my stuff off....so now im stuck with a horrid gutted feeling not knowing, all that time and effort ....just hope it's no all been waist of bloody time ....

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As far as I know, some Gen2 servers are still up and running and some have been offline for over 24 hours!
My main character is stuck on the EU-PVE-official-GenTwo920 server and now, due to the server being offline for over 24 hours, I cannot start playing. Since other bases on other maps are also tied to the name of this character.
I have not found any official information why the sevreres are disabled and when they will be able to access them.
I can only monitor the server status through
Where it says that the server status is offline.
I want to know why the server has been offline for more than 24 hours and when will the connection be restored?image.thumb.png.d6952c66b36262f5106d2cccd4a3335d.png

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