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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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Almost every week this server crashes...

Sometimes some servers of Genesis 2 disappeared for days...we went to another server because of that.

Can't enjoy events.

Submitting a ticket is useless...support doesn't react quickly...and when it does, admins said they can't do anything.

So we get stuck with a game and its DLC i paid for nothing.

Most of studios offers compensations for lighter situations....paying for DLC we can't play...it's literally scamming people.

A lawsuit would be easy to win...


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Something has got to be done.

I am on Genesis II 919 server, and we are experiencing a massive amount of crashes - so many that it's becoming difficult to play the game to a reasonable level.

It's starting to feel like it did at release, when there was an overwhelming amount of crashes and lagspikes, however it's honestly worse now than it was then.

I have submitted countless of server outage reports, as have many other of my server mates to no avail.

As per Battlemetrics' overview of downtime the server has been down more or less every 2-3 hours for 39+ minutes - meaning we've lost A LOT of Evolution event hours. 

I've monitored it for some days know and usually it is indeed just around 39 minutes. It's becoming a pattern to the point where I can say "Ah don't worry, it'll be up in x amount of minutes" and be right. 

I added the minutes up to hours and it means we've lost around 10~ hours of Evolution X event due to crashes, and that's me being reasonable. 

This simply can not keep going on, as it's practically to the point where people are starting to talk on the server about it not being worth creating/breeding/building anything, because the server will crash so it's pointless.

I don't know if the problem is related to the huge amount of Chinese dupers we have on the server with so many dinos, cloning chambers, massive bases - one is covering the ENTIRE half-moon shaped mid section! It takes me about 5 minutes to load it all and it nearly crashes me if I go near it - I have a decent computer so that's not the issue (truth - we have A LOT of dupers and I wish WildCard would actually deal with it) or what the problem is, but regardless it needs to be fixed so the game is playable.


Edit; at 3.55 PM after 6 hours and 9 minutes downtime the server is finally up.. for now.

Edit @ 6.46 PM - Server crashed after 2H & 51 minutes which indeed is in pattern with what I said earlier of crash every 2-3 hours. Will attach updated screenshot once server is back up.

Edit @ 09.09.2021 9.16 AM - Update rolled out at approxiately 10.10 PM - server stable til 07.09 AM this morning where it had a short outage of 2 mins - hardly worth mentioning. Currently, there is another crash ongoing, which has now lasted 17 minutes. It'll be exciting to see if it last the standard 39-49 minutes. 7 day server uptime has dropped from 93% before this weekends evolution event to 86% as of today. Attached updated screenshot

Edit @ 09.10.2021 - Server crashes have were manageable for a whole 24H nearly, but are now back to being.. well, I'd say the newly attached screenshot will speak for itself.

I'll be back!






Gen II - 919




919 outage.png

Updated serverlog.png

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27 minutes ago, Aleriah said:

I have submitted countless of server outage reports, as have many other of my server mates to no avail.

When i press ESC in game i get info on server .

As I'm playing on official server i get something like this - EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo1005 - (v678.13).

There is no evidence that I'm playing on legacy or on non legacy servers. So i play on third type - on official server.

On server  outage google form WC explain that they support only legacy and non legacy servers but not official servers.

You have to chose on which one you want help image.png.68b02f0b5ef9a75d4684f274fddcdd07.png As you can see there is no option to get help on official servers.

On each submitted case  i copy paste in description from battle metric server name, address ( game port), address (query port). Would  like to add also pic of of 7 day graph in mode that lazy server dudes can see how it is but google formo do not let and also limit description on 250 characters.

From start of genesis 2 to today  it didn't helped, so lets be more dumb that one who made google form and conclude that they don't support official servers but only legacy and non legacy servers.

Ark 2 don't have future. One cant enjoy new super graphic engine and various paid film actors with severs offline.


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And so the servers fall every two hours, so after the last update, game crashes appeared as soon as you start moving in single player. Well guys, what are you doing there? Please do a good optimization and upgrade the server hardware or whatever the problem is. Thank you for attention.

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GenTwo925 has been "offline" for soon to be 24 hours. Put offline in quotes cuz it's there in the serverlist saying 11 people online but it's somehow stuck on the same save or something, not changing ingame day. Server kicked me and 10 others on a save last night and has been like this ever since. Would be nice if WC could acknowledge the server issues and let their community know they're actually working on solving the issue.

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I play ARK since day one and been through quite a bit of ups and downs considering that I play on Legacy.   But this particular server is the most pathetic ... I don't know ... hardware ?

It basically requires a reporting page of its own where you report its uptimes as oppossed downtimes.

The Legacy Sister Server, 947, ain't that much better as I can't see it when waiting for a reconnect to 946.


I don't know what you have in mind when it comes to Legacy. Most players arranged with the fact that there is no support and that Legacy servers basically are a lawless zone where any dimwit can harrass and insult other players. Blocking mission terminals or passages that are crucial for gameplay is being tolerated also as there's no way around it. The CoC has no impact on Legacy. I admit that i know of two cases where people got globally banned but I think that only happened due to the fact that a player on the server in question had a hot wire to the Devs.

So what's the deal? Do you plan to shut Legacy down but instead of simply announcing it you keep them running until even the last player is so annoyed from the performance that he leaves ?

946 is online for 10-15 mins and then crashes staying offline for 30-45 mins if not longer. Is it the 60 cloners running in ONE base that crash the server or is it all the pillars ONE boxtribe plastered half of Eden with ?

The players on 946 Legacy just want to have fun. They're not complaining about lost items or dinos but a server that literally became unplayable due to either hardware issues or  dupers. Of course none of the players can bring a proof of either.

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I too have been playing Ark since early days. I've seen speed nerfs, too many DLCs before the last was perfected but also awesome advances in the game of Ark. Gaming by  definition is an amusement or pastime with skills and rules. The rules in Legacy are no more and 946 is prime example. The pillaring by certain tribes has become so bad the server crashes to the point of no play. Players are leaving and the tribes that pillar build more.                                                                                                                   What is the solution? Some of us on 946 have come together to try to solve this . We just want to pay the game without interruption.                                                               It would be nice to have one day of play, devs...get on it..

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Continuously crashing and rebooting. Has been happening since July update and it is getting worse as the days to on. Anyone having these issues? The server will stay up for a MAXIMUM of 2 hours, crashes, reboots and takes quite a while to even come back up on the list. I guess at this point I have given up on WildCard to even care enough to fix the servers or the game.

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with 8 thousand hours in the game i can atest that while the game can be a lot of fun, wildcard treatment of its players is.. at best lacking, but more often than not simply bulling. they just, dont care. dont care if you like it dont care if you dont.  and sadly that makes it easy grounds for bullies and comunity destroyers.

More often than not i imagine wildcard as the angry landlord that would prefer to close all  servers , official or not and let people pay for their own. and i must said if they had invested the time to make single player and non dedicated hosting "Usable" then probably many people would. but instead the game is unplayable in some form of another. 

Add to the mix the non existent rules for legacy. is a turd festival in there, wildcard made cloning so cheap , that any wannabe bully can simply colapse the server and block all usable resources. but this is in wildcard interest (see paragrapph above). so ofcourse they wont answer, ofcourse they wont give support, they would  let servers crash every day 3 or 4 times even, heck some servers even go down for hours or even days. 

and another thing is, writing here, or in twiter or in steam, wont help either. nooone who can really do anything ever reads this mesages. there are layers upon layers of good inteded people like moderators and even employees. and all they get from above is "legacy gets no support". and if you go to official support is at best slow, but more often than not unexistent. 

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