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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

It is Very sad, all these year's later and the company still has month  2 issue's . 608, 596 , 380 , 71 ,371 , 455, 46,  503... Really shows us what wildcard thinks of us by allowing our servers to go

Stop wasting everyone's time by hijacking their complaints about official servers, and turning them into a back and forth on why they should play unofficial. We weren't born yesterday. Many of us have

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20 hours ago, arkark said:

Gen 2 934, 935, 936, 937, 938 and Gen 2 Legacy 946, 947.

All this 7 (7!) servers are on the same physical machine. When one of this servers crash it often drags all the other servers with it.

Example of this morning:

At 07:33 server 938 crashes.


At 07:58 while 938 is not responding (crashed, crashing, generating dump, or even booting), all the other servers on the machine start crashing one after other


This is just a real example of this morning. This exact same behaviour is happening 10-15 times a day on this machine. When one server crashes it grabs all the other servers on the same machine with it.

I would speculate about this is some memory leakage on the crashing server that hog the resources of the machine until every server crashes, result of limited shared resources (RAM) of the physical machine. But this is just speculation.

What is clear is that until you take a look at it and move some server to another machine or increase the shared resources this situation is not gonna improve. Please do it soon so we can enjoy gen2 without being worried all the time about if we can do x thing because it may crash or not. @lilpanda @Cedric

I've been saying this since go-live:



I just don't think their server infrastructure can support as many Gen 2 instances running at the same time. They need to diversify away from this approach and spin up more servers or increase server resourcing to accommodate this many instances...

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Seriously, the game is perfect but unfortunately it's with the wrong company.

After years of so many bugs, lag, and servers crashing, what did you expect in Genesis 2?
At least manage to do the missions or who knows not to lose Dinos, items?
Difficult right?😶


WILD CARD can you at least answer us?

Before a server goes down a notification? or at least the time he was offline?

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And imagine, after just 6 years and an unfinised Ark they bring... ARK2 and have a second game to mess things up... and they will... but not with me anymore WC doesn't deserve my money... so no Ark2 for me... thats the only language any Developer who delivers poop understands... sadly Millions will buy unfinished poop that never will be finished and just stay as freaking bug fest... thats how the Business works... and tbh when i would make my Job like the People in Wildcard do theirs i would lose my Job and deserve it...

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The thing is... we can write everything down here... WC simply don't care... there is no Communication at all... jeah the Community crunches exist... but nobody cares about these... Ark is for Private Servers and Single Player, and even these are a total mess... and the Official Servers are totaly abandoned by Wildcard... its understandable... they try to make Profit... and thats the only thing they care for... its proven by their actions they don't want to have a good game that runs smooth... they want money... and this is fine... its a Business after all... and they don't get any Money from providing Servers... so they spend as little as possible... we allready paid... so for them it doesn't matter if we enjoy the game or not... if the Servers are invaded by Chinese and the Ping goes up about 200.... lags bugs... i mean the Skiff is still a mess out of a braindeads mind... i could go on atleast an entire day (not ingame day) with stuff WC should fix if they care... but im sure they don't even read this... atleast this is how they react sinces 193 sites...

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14 hours ago, JetJaguar said:

Imagine being able to play during the event on a Gen 2 server! The same servers that have reported crashing for 2 weeks now if not longer.. Imagine that in a real world setting: 2 weeks of disrupted service.

I'd imagine people would be let go from their jobs or at least they would at the place i work.

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On 1/16/2019 at 7:53 PM, balistikas said:

fix this problem as soon as possible which continues to persist on this server .. there are many people like me who have been playing since day one and with these crashes they cannot play and enjoy the game experience .. please fix 397 asap I'm 89 hours off… thanks


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Played many mmos overthe years, saw all kind of problems when servers start, wow, gw2, even some older, noone had so many server crashes in one day, every day, this lag , box tribes, items completly deleted, tames dissapearing...can wildcard solve any major issues, or we just payed and now just enjoying our expirience...? I just remeber one sceene from game of thrones--SHAME!,,SHAME!

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Goes down hourly and has been even before Beach Crash event started. No matter how many people from the server submit tickets, tweet to Devs, or post on the forums, it falls on deaf ears. Please think with your wallets before you rush into buying Ark 2. Remember this type of customer service and think twice about supporting the company for it.

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