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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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14 hours ago, JetJaguar said:

Imagine being able to play during the event on a Gen 2 server! The same servers that have reported crashing for 2 weeks now if not longer.. Imagine that in a real world setting: 2 weeks of disrupted service.

I'd imagine people would be let go from their jobs or at least they would at the place i work.

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On 1/16/2019 at 7:53 PM, balistikas said:

fix this problem as soon as possible which continues to persist on this server .. there are many people like me who have been playing since day one and with these crashes they cannot play and enjoy the game experience .. please fix 397 asap I'm 89 hours off… thanks


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Played many mmos overthe years, saw all kind of problems when servers start, wow, gw2, even some older, noone had so many server crashes in one day, every day, this lag , box tribes, items completly deleted, tames dissapearing...can wildcard solve any major issues, or we just payed and now just enjoying our expirience...? I just remeber one sceene from game of thrones--SHAME!,,SHAME!

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Goes down hourly and has been even before Beach Crash event started. No matter how many people from the server submit tickets, tweet to Devs, or post on the forums, it falls on deaf ears. Please think with your wallets before you rush into buying Ark 2. Remember this type of customer service and think twice about supporting the company for it.

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WildCard, what's going on? NA, EU and other servers are in total decline. I was reading the forums, are there servers that were shut down almost 1 month ago and nothing was done? I believe everyone here bought the game as well as the expansions to get nothing or almost nothing in return? Moderators, developers, where are you? What I and many realize is total neglect. Are you focusing on ARK 2 and leaving us here? don't forget that we are the ones who will migrate to ARK 2 but it's getting harder and harder to defend you. I come here to kindly ask you to pay more attention to us, without us players, you are nothing. Servers crashing all the time, endless rollbacks, runaway Chinese trolling everyone on every server and selling dinos for real money on ebay. Is there no precaution about this? We expect more from you because we consider ourselves part of this team that doesn't care about us. We want effective answers, we want better servers that can handle all customers. Enough of this clowning!


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I have been playing this crystal isles na pve official 832 server and it keeps failing to save almost every time for like 3 days and now it went for big time and not online for hours. I am looking to other servers and they are just fine and only 832 is closed. We have event going on and doing some things in the game and imagine getting rolled back for 20 times in 3 days... Who will answer lost items, tames and even eggs we were hatching? we cannot be online for all day we have work we need to sleep too and this what happens. How am i suppose to take the egg back from my hatch room now if i have to leave for long time?

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Hi guys


So we have a issue on our Dedi Box.

Genesis 2 keeps crashing when players do missions especially SURVIVE THE ARK.

There is no crash report 

If we disable the terminals then the server is fine and no crashing.

We use Ark Server Manger to run our ark servers



  • 128GB RAM 2666MHZ
  • Windows server 2019



  • HG STACK 10000/90% 
  • Structures Plus
  • Lethals Reusables
  • TributTransfer
  • Dino Storage v3
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • Awesome Teleports
  • Bitou2k's Kibble Craft
  • Eco's RP Decor
  • TC Auto Reward
  • Crafting Skill Potions
  • Dino Colourizer


Server Settings:


  • XP Multiplier - 5
  • Harvest Multiplier - 10
  • Dino Tame Multiplier - 5
  • Mating Interval Multiplier - 0.1
  • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - 10
  • Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - 10
  • Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier - 1
  • Baby Imprinting StatScale Multiplier - 1
  • Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier - 0.25
  • Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier - 1
  • Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Multiplier - 1
  • Lay Egg Interval Multiplier - 1
  • Tamed Dino Character Food Drain Multiplier - 1
  • Wild Dino Character Food Drain Multiplier - 2.5
  • Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier - 1
  • Craft XP Multiplier - 5
  • Kill XP Multiplier - 5
  • Max Alliances Per Tribe - 10
  • Max Tribes Per Alliance - 10
  •  Max Personal Tamed Dinos - 200






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4 hours ago, DoughBoy93 said:

Should we start a go fund me for wildcard so they can upgrade the potato servers they currently got.

Loads have addressed the issue and no one from wildcard has responded...

I bet they plan on using the same ones for ark 2 😳

That depends, do you want to start a crowd funding campaign for a company that's grossed over 1 billion dollars (yes, billion with a "b"), or do you want to understand why this is how they work?

The Official servers are always going to be weak, because this is not a subscription game. The only reason Official servers exist is to help sell copies of the game (remember that only a small portion of their player base actually plays on Official servers). The Official server don't exist to give players a great experience, they're really more like an advertising expense. Servers cost money every month, but players don't pay every month, so the Official servers are never going to be better than they are (including ARK2 servers).

The servers are not weak because WC can't afford them, the servers are weak because that's the minimum amount of money WC can spend on servers and still advertise that Official servers exist, they're basically just a marketing gimmick.

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