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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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First there's Disconnectosaurus, when you're already in the game.

Then there's also Joinfailedosaurus, when clicking join sometimes failed.

NOW there's a new strain NOSESSIONFOUNDOSAURUS, when the server playing hide and seek and sometimes not appearing in the list

Seems like these dinoes are there to combat the other previous dinoes. 

To prevent disconnectosaurus attacking, joiningfailedsaurus is added so we cannot be attacked because we're not in the game, now NOSESSIONFOUNDOSAURUS is added so we cannot join failed because the server isn't there LOL. 

I'm trying to login here EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles873 but the server sometimes cannot be found even though I'm online. Been trying to login since an hour ago, I'm frustrated and I have to vent.




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Asian steam platform login game Asian server can't search ﹣ can't enter ﹣ some platforms can search ﹣ please check and deal with the official personnel ﹣ Asian server has lasted for several years ﹣ for the sake of players ﹣ hope the official to deal with it! The player's computer network is normal without any problem ﹣ the game file is complete ﹣ it's not the player's own problem ﹣ but someone maliciously attacks the server port ﹣ causing the player to be unable to connect normally and search to enter the server ﹣ the game server is in normal operation state ﹣ but the player cannot enter ﹣ please deal with it!

Here is a list of some Asian servers:

This is just a part of it. I can't list all the servers in Asia



Asia-PVP-Extingction157            Asia-PVP-Thelsiand130

Asia-PVP-TheCenter114             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand131

Asia-PVP-TheCenter115             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand132

Asia-PVP-TheCenter123             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand133

Asia-PVP-TheCenter122             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand134

Asia-PVP-TheCenter121             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand135

Asia-PVP-TheCenter125            Asia-PVP-Thelsiand136

Asia-PVP-TheCenter126            Asia-PVP-Thelsiand137

Asia-PVP-TheCenter127            Asia-PVP-Thelsiand138

Asia-PVP-Ragnarok102             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand139

Asia-PVP-Ragnarok103             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand140

Asia-PVP-Ragnarok104             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand141

Asia-PVP-Ragnarok105             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand142

Asia-PVP-Ragnarok106             Asia-PVP-Thelsiand144











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For those that have a character trapped on a server that has been down for several days:

Your server might have been moved to a different space - it keeps the same server number and description but will no longer be visible in your Favorites filter on your server list.  They will have different version numbers if you look up that server name on BattleMetrics.  The old server that has been down will have the server Status: Dead.

To see if this is the case, search for all servers for your game type for your server number, and hopefully you can join in and resume your surviving on the new server location.

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I'm having difficulty staying connected to NA-PVE-Official-Abberation272.
I restarted my PC, didnt fix.
I get kicked off after online for four mintues. This is like, practically unplayable. Log back in, move a few feet, cant get into inventory, rubber band back to where I logged in. Cant access inventory, move around, rubber band back to another spot and external inventory opens a minute later.

I want to place some storage to unload my encumbered herbivore so I can go on a berry run. I been at this task for hours. I left my door open, I need to close it. Lost connection repeatedly, server still showing online.

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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 rolled back a few days after yesterday's update.. I lost my base, tek engrams, as well as ascension and character level.. return to the server

19.04.2021 at approximately 19: 20 Moscow time, I was led through the bosses and raised a character in the north of EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland199.. after that, I went to my server EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 after running there a little bit there was a message from the developers about the update.. I'm out of the game.. after the update on our server was day 1.. give me back my level and completed content

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Not Sure where to post it, as I have just created my forum account today in order to communicate that the server is down. If this is not the best place to post, please, sorry and let me know the right place and I will post there.

As title says. Every other PrimPlus server seens to be ok, but NA-PVE-RAGNAROKPRIMPLUSCROSSARK4 is  not even showing to log in. It started in the server restart at the end of bunny event. Thanks and waiting for being able to keep playing

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Problem started yesterday. A lot of us in valguero server 1101 got kicked multiple times , major rollback 1 of the times we got kicked . Earlier today I got in but got kicked after a couple of minutes and couldn't get back in , I re-start game every time even re-started xbox and router . The message : Can't retrieve address came up and after re-starting the game again , the server is gone it doesn't exist :(


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