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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

I’ve put in a ticket everyday for almost 5 months. Call me persistent. 

If people aren't providing you with an answer, that's most likely because they don't have an answer.  This is a long thread with lots of people having issues,  don't get salty with the rest of th

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Hi!! I played at this game since about 4-5 years i think and i dont know how this game is becoming on official.

In recent months most of the servers have become Asian and completely unplayable ..... Even on the abbot servers we are disconnected every 15 minutes without counting the lags between these 15 minutes I do not understand that we can let such things do a lot of players I have known have stopped the official because it has become a total waste of time with no fun with the unwanted spam the tchat from Asian players. I have some screens in my possession they even do it on purpose for a certain use. Finally I hope that one day we will see the staff of Ark doing something for all this time ...


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Our Official PVE Island 80th crashing every hour now. No progression. Can't play.

I went to Steam and looked at game reviews: surprisingly most of reviews still positive. 

I found that YOU CAN UPDATE/CHANGE YOUR REVIEW on Steam. So, I changed my review to very negative, "not playable". 

Did the same on Twitter.

Don't look like company cares..

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Server is an absolut Mess since the Valantine Event

Disconnects all over the Place

Server Down Times

Lags every 10+ min

The funny Thing is, that the Server is listed for 70 Players. The Server can't even handle more then 5 Players.


For 2 Days now it's even more then a Mess, we all get constant Disconnects and Lags every 5-10 Min + the 15 min Server Save Lag

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Hi there,

me and my friends were playing on the server EU PVE Island 199,

this server is extremly terrible and gets disconnected dozen times per day...

let alone freeze lags, like more than 5 times per hours...

When it disconnected, it often went back to the last mirror backup..it means more than 10 min rewind...

it makes me feel like playing "life is strange"...

Could you pls checkup the server to see if it could be fixed somehow?

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Can anyone explain exactly what causes constant 255 ping on official servers with server wide disconnects all throughout the day, with citation and sources included, rathan than speculation? 

Problem is, our otherwise peaceful PVE official server has been at war over everyone having a different version of what they think is causing the unplayable constant 255 disconnects. Some say it's too many dinos out and we all need to cryo and stop breeding, others say it's too many structures and big bases and we need to demo structures, or someone is duping/ddosing. But no one can cites a source other than "reddit" or "my friends and engineer and says". 

It would be great to get some clarification directly from a dev/ reputable source/past discussion to settle the argument once and for all

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