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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

I’ve put in a ticket everyday for almost 5 months. Call me persistent. 

If people aren't providing you with an answer, that's most likely because they don't have an answer.  This is a long thread with lots of people having issues,  don't get salty with the rest of th

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Since company wont react to out posts here, I would suggest to start writing negative reviews in Steam and Social Networks. May be then they will figure that something is not right with their game and company?

Game is unplayable now. Company wont fix issues, wont recognize problems, don't listen to us nor provide required support.

Just say truth to ppl. 

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Here's the log of what has been happening...


It has been down most of yesterday and its been down for an (6 hours) today!

This server has been messed up for two days!

How long does these crashes take to come back online?

I reported the issue here on (Wildcard's ARK official server outage) page, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform. anybody there?

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Good News/Bad News

Good News: I was able to log back into Crystal Isles 1484 (after transferring from Extinction, last night). Didn't lose my character or my base.

Bad News: I was 3 slots away from being blackbared, with hide and ele dust, my asc whip, and asc hazmat all gone...

Small Price to pay for Wildcards inability to keep up with server/player demands.

Not sure why, probably because I'm not a programmer, its so difficult to keep servers healthy and running.

Not sure why, probably because I'm not a programmer, its so difficult to keep a running log of all transfers, items, dinos that each tribe has, what they lost, when they lost it, and why they did. So they can be compensated (as any good customer service rep would do for a dedicated player)

I would love to get paid by Wildcard to be an Admin, take on each ticket, read each log tied to IP's, Tribe, and server, and give back to the players of this game that I love so much... 

Not sure why, probably because I'm a fool, I can't just quit this game, and throw my hands up at the inadequate customer service Wildcard provides... yet I'm still here, and always will be.

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Our server #80 is now crashing every hour. Not possible to play. 


Not sure why, probably because I'm not a programmer, its so difficult to keep servers healthy and running.

Company is trying to save as much money as they can. On us. They only allow minimal amount of resources for each server. Server has memory leaks. As soon as it leaks enough to fill allowed memory - it crash "no memory" error which is not recoverable. Unfortunately, not only game server piece has bugs, other parts of the entire service also have bugs.

Company could resolve/improve situation by allowing more memory to each server - but that mean to spend more money on hosting.

They could establish normal support - same reason, saving money. on us.

They could hire more/better software developers.....

The answer to you question is: Company is not interested to provide us good service - they are saving money. on us.


P.S. I suggest to  start writing negative reviews to the game in steam and start saying truth about the game in social networks: game is not playable.

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My server is completely gone from the list. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't tell you how incredibly pissed off I will be if this is a permanent thing. Even if it's not permanent, all the wyverns I was raising are going to die because I can't feed them. Not because I didn't pay for the game, not because I didn't pay my psn membership, not because I didn't pay my electric bill, not because I forgot about it or threw my TV out the window, its because for whatever reason Wildcard finds it impossible to make their game function as it should. I get this is a game, but it's important to me. I was really looking forward to ark2 but issues like this really diminish my confidence in the individuals that are paid to make this crap work. I wish I could go to work and delete my customers data, then just kinda not worry about it. No mention of anything from Wildcard, leaving everyone in the dark is the worst part. I stick up for this game quite a bit but now I'm starting to think I'm wrong for doing doing so.  Frustrating and embarrassing. 

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Same here man, 1439 is gone and I can't feed my wyverns. I really enjoy the game, but can't stop wishing it were developed by a legitimate company not run by 22yo stoners, or at least people with the common sense to inform their customers when their service is being shut down for poops and giggles. I'm kinda over ark, for as much time as I've invested in the game it's basically a waste when crap like this passes as acceptable. What a joke the CEO of wildcard must be. I would be so embarrassed. 

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Ya i think it is due to what was happening on saturday evening.  We couldnt log in for like 2 to 3 hrs.  It would just time out.  When we finally got in, had these new ppl there who we never seen before.  I rhink they were constantly duping on the server crashing it.  Hopefully wc can fix what ever they did come monday.  

Submit a repprt ticket about the server.  We put in 3 and i pmed the other guys on the server to do the same about a server outage n duping.  Hopefully they can fix it

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