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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

Actually yes it is.

It is Very sad, all these year's later and the company still has month  2 issue's . 608, 596 , 380 , 71 ,371 , 455, 46,  503... Really shows us what wildcard thinks of us by allowing our servers to go

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Just now, bysaRD said:

EU-PVE-Extinction-462 just crashed again.... evry day 1-3 crashes, constant lags, no solution from WC or even a response. They threat us like garbarge.

Also waiting for login lock.....ffs, can't even join other servers. How can official servers be handled so badly?

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Hello all

The cluster i currently play on has been experiencing, since TLC3 update, a near game breaking bug where the maps on the cluster act (when im trying to log in from either steam servers or in game) like a game of wack a mole. Usually 4 maps are up at a time on this cluster but now we are luckily to see two or even any pop up for more than a minute or so. If you get in, you are fine for quite some time, though if you leave you will see the server show as unresponsive (shows as that when connected and it wack a moles away to wherever) and will be unable to get back on until it shows again eventually which happens at random. Sometimes its an hour or two until it does, sometimes its 15 minutes. Anyways I’m curious if any other unofficial clusters have experienced this as i have searched for other query’s on this subject but found none. Any response is appreciated, thanks!

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I have reported the constantly getting kicked from  507 and have done this for the past month (Yes I submitted form and so have all the other players too) but still just the same, I would appreciate it more if they just be honest and say they dont know how to fix it or are too busy.

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Server NA-PVP-PS4Official-CrystalIsles1309 keep suffering 255 ping.

The tribe named Ps has build in a bug zone (Floating Island) where if someone is online there, all player will have 255 ping and cant do anything. We have wiped their base, and since that, they putted a character there and used this bug everyday just for annoy. Once his character got offline the server goes normal. 

We have tried to approach that point, but when we was near (when we can see their build), we got 255 ping, so we cant do anything against them.

Please fix the bug!! Its so annoying the bug, even more if some tribe use this in his advantage.

I have submitted a ticket but no answer....

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          I spend a very large amount of time on legacy servers. Playing with my friends on the map Genesis legacy 945, we encountered problems, the server is very laggy, frequent discounts occur, it is impossible to play recently, during extra life the server was unavailable.

My friends and I love this game very much, but unfortunately we stop enjoying playing on this map. I don't know much English, please forgive me, but I want to know if there will be any lag fixes on legacy Genesis 945?

I apologize in advance that I chose the wrong section,

previously raised this topic but did not receive a response.

Tell us what we should do next is there any sense to continue playing on legacy?


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Genesis server- NA-PVE-Official-GenOne731 has been crashing almost every day, several times per day. You can see via the attached image from Battlemetrics, recorded history of these crashes dating all the way back to September. I have sent tickets regarding the issue, but it continues to happen. I just wanted to make a post so that hopefully someone can assist me or send this to someone who can assist me. Thanks!


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all the time being thrown out of the game, and sometimes still have rollback? this game is rubbish, never that will improve? every update comes with a lot of errors than improvements... should be interns who are setting up the game? or is it incompetence? 603 server has no way to play, the 729 before normal wheel, now is a rubbish and still has rollback, the 730 normal wheel, now has rollback at least 4x a day, on server 831 on the day of the event had no way to play, had rollback every 30m and it took another 30 to return, and still sucks.

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Logged on today to find out that after I had cryo'd some baby mana's, that apparently the server rolled back to BEFORE i did, thus letting them starve to death while I'm at my job. This is freaking ridiculous, they literally should have been grown by now, but it seems like the servers were rolling back to frequently, it was taking twice as long to fully mature.

I'm so frustrated to have wasted my time getting a top stat mana (fully black mind you) just to die from a stupid rollback, with the server showing absolutely no signs of lag before logging off.

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This happens frequently. the server im on does this as well. its a gamewide problem. the best thing you can do is go to battlemetrics. 

look for a server that has "relatively" good uptime and less crashing per the timeline of dates. Im always moving to a more stable server to avoid the problem. 

youd also need to consider the resources the map has and what risks you want to take. 

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