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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like

You must mean gaining.

If people aren't providing you with an answer, that's most likely because they don't have an answer.  This is a long thread with lots of people having issues,  don't get salty with the rest of th

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On 9/8/2020 at 3:43 PM, LabRat said:

Worthless servers

You got the money. We know you did. My bank statement tells me so. Now how about some support. I get you Rent them from a worthless company (Nitrado), but you could read the server outage report sometimes, and maybe call Nitrado and tell them. OR, get a new provider. Not really that hard. You tell Nitrado they have failed to provide as per the contract, and just move on. 


Nitrado customer service is absolute dog poop, I rented from them in the past, they fob u off when u raise an issue. I can't see WC getting any special treatment from them either.  I'd agree, they failed to provide a service move on.  My own internet connection could provide a better service as a server setup, cmon WC get a grip. 

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My girlfriend and her friend recently started playing in ark after a long break, I love watching her game play and stuff that she comes up with. But her server has not been on the list all day. So she’s not playing. And I’m afraid she’s just going to quit. It’s so dumb if the game showed up on the list she could be playing right now. 

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same here its been happening for a while now.. I play on a server ..any server then once I leave ..and try to join it again ..its not in the list ..you can literally log onto any server and leave and its gone from the list for a time.. even though my son or daughter are on it ..its not there for me to join, and they cant invite me to it game just dashboards if they try..

really frustrating to say the least 

i play on legacy 77 the island ..GOON SQUAD



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Why are servers not showing up in our server list?

After the new Crystal Isles came out, my server list is always screwed up. One day I'll have the entire list of my favorites that I have played, and then the next day I'll only have 2 or 3 and I can't find any of the servers that I know I have bases on. Is there a fix coming out for this because I have wasted hours waiting and trying to figure out how to get to my servers to play. For example... server 1491 (a new CrystalIsles) randomly disappears and then will randomly come back. I appreciate any help you can give with this. 



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About 20 Genesis servers are now DOWN on Small Tribes

From 120-129, only 122 and 129 are up. From 140-149, only 140 and 141 are up. From 150-159, only 150, 151, 152, 153 are up. 


One of those down that were mine crashed and booted everyone, then the rest on the list started going down over the next 30 minutes. If this is happening to Gen, I wonder what's happening to the other maps. 


And no, I'm not submitting a ticket. They are $%^&ing worthless with the tickets and this is a mass outage, not just one server. 

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Server Down 853

I know admins probably don't care. Server has been down for 6 hours now. I transfer from a different server because this was happening in the previous server i played in. I figured since CI servers are new, downtime would not be so bad. I was very wrong. Please fix server issues. I am begging you! I will sacrifice a goat to the Devil if that will help fix things. This is ridiculous. I expect to get some game time in during my day off from work. Admins ban me i don't raptoring care. Least you will see this message and still NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT FIXING THE SERVER.  Thank you. I bet i get banned before server issues get fixed.

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RJ that was 4 hours ago :) guess what! The server is still down. Surely someone looks at these server logs and sees these down times and has to see that its a problem with the servers themselves not being able to handle the load. This server is going to be down to like 90% up-time when it comes back up for this week. This is the best way to run off new players. A lot of it started happening when the game was offered free by epic and this is across multiple servers though usually not this bad. So again I point back to server load with the amount of players, dinos and building. I am with you RJ  can we please just either move away from the crappiest server provider on the market or at least force them to provide service. Waiting 12 hours on a server to return to service is not a fun way to play a game. Especially one that requires you to be online to raise your dinos  and faults you if you are not by either killing off those dinos from starvation or causing you to miss imprints Even though you had no control over that due to server issues. You want to fix QOL, make it tribe based timers, if my try isn't on then timers are halted till one comes on. At least then its our fault and not yours. 

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