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New PvP 24/7 Jurassic world!! Boosted x6 (Xbox one)(THE CENTER) great community!

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Hosts internet speed:

100mbps download

11mbps upload


ADD: JURASSICWORLD11 to join or post GT and i will add you


This is a public server that will be 24/7 so you will see randoms join here and there. The server starts today so theres no big tribes yet. Get in and start building while you can!!!! Also made it x6 so its not that easy and you can still enjoy the game :)

New PvE mode added!! From 9pm to 6am the server will switch to pvp the rest of the time. This is to prevent offline raiding



player downloads: No, its not working for some reason but xp is set to x9 to makeup for this :)

Dino downloads: No

Difficulty level - 1.0 (high lvl dino's spawn)


Disable friendly fire : No

Show Player Map Location: Yes

Havesting: 6.0 (6x more havesting)

XP Multiplier: 6.0 (the highest setting)

Taming Speed: 6.0 (the highest tamming)

Player character water drain: .4 

Player character food drain: .15 

Dino Character food drain: 1.0

Player character stamina: 1.0

Dino character stamina drain: .3 

Day cycle: .7 


Day Time speed: .4 


Night Time speed: 4.0 


Resources Respawn period: 6.0

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1 hour ago, Sambam said:

Hi my gt is StrairMRslr can I join 

I tried that GT it didnt work, 


21 minutes ago, Sambam said:

And I will join if I can bring my player over please mate is it populated much ?

Player downloads are on, currently only have about 15 people who joined so theres a lot of room

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