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Need help

I need ownership transferred from one account to another, so far the general response had been "due to internal policy".   What policy is it preventing this from occuring? What does the policy say? As it stands right now we cannot do anything to move forward with the game short of abandoning our base (which is pretty fat) ..... that is not ok with me as people have spent literally hundreds of hours working on everything... just to throw it away and get a middle finger from the devs... If there's a way to get in contact with someone who can help it would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking time to read

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3 hours ago, Ahotdogonasteek said:

If there's a way to get in contact with someone

The only ones that could assist are the Game Masters you contact through tickets, and since they told you they are unable to assist, the only person you can now contact to get help is unfortunately the current owner.

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On 4/11/2020 at 3:04 PM, KrackenOne said:

Lol they revoked my "privlages" ...... because I "spammed" them......I didn't spam anyone, I waited until each closed  trying to get in contact with someone who WOULD help....they're people too so I was hoping that if they couldn't do anything then they would get me in contact with someone who could...or at least explain their "internal policy" and why they have the section/selection they do if they can't even help because of this policy...... makes zero sense

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