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Hi I'm looking for players on a sweet server that is lacking players. The sever is 24/7 and supports tribe wars. We also believe in NO OFFLINE RAIDING, so don't try it. We let everyone get their stuff together and hope to just have a fun community! EVERYTHING is boosted even breeding, maturation, you name it. We are just looking to have fun but at the same time build something that will be long lasting.

Raiding is allowed and we highly encourage it but PLEASE be smart about who you raid.

•no complaining

•no ark downloads

•just have fun and invite all of your friends

•great connection

message me on Xbox one for an invite or questions: ii TDR ii 

• you can even toss your gamer tag below and I'll get to you. 

• there is room for 18 more people and we are hoping for tribes to battle it out?

• we are trying to get a good amount of people and keep the chat going?

? the server gamer tag: 

Arkaic PVP 

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