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Hi ! Baby block at lvl 448 ?

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Hi ! Baby block at lvl 448 ?


We have a major problem with dinosaurs rex indeed it is born lvl 448 baby 34 k hp 1806 stam and 1347% ap no worries but once adult it disappear ......

Is there a level server limit? stat?


we have problem with egg too many egg is finish and ... no baby .... it's normally? 

Thank you for teaching us an answer whether to down or not




sorry my english is bad :) 

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4 minutes ago, Bvs said:

hi thx for reponse really this problem is hard humm max lvl 450 adult or baby ? or its possible upm 380 to 449 and stop lvl if possible do not disapear ? 


very sorry my english is very bad

362 (base level) + 88 (max trained levels) = 450

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4 hours ago, invincibleqc said:

Genesis added 15 player and 15 dino levels.

Then why still keep max lvl dino at 450.

450 as max was when some idiot gm replaced some lost dinos for a player with to high lvls, i dont get it why the max is still here!!

its to easy to breed a dino to lvl 450 so why keep that restriction.

just a to say if you tame a bunch of dinos, and save those with 45 point set  in different stats (fair for official pc)

breed all your 45 point together without mutations, you will have 45 health 45 stamina 45 oxygen 45 food 45 weight 45 melee 45 movement resulting in a level 315.

then with the pair 315 mutate the each stat to a line of 20,20 and breed the lines together that will calc to (20+20)*7+315=595 well above max lvl with no leveling it at all..

i know you dont want to breed every stat into a dino!! but you cant make many mistakes before you hit the end at 450 max and delete

maybee the developers should recalculate whats possible. 

plus the levels gained wia xp!!

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