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Give us the ability to have an official server upgraded.


Give us the ability to have an official server upgraded.

With how unreliable the servers are for the new genesis i have spoken to alot of people who have a very similar or the same idea on this point.

Give us an option to donate to the server to get the server put on a better hosting machine. right now 651 genesis is highly unreliable due to the amount of entities on the server.

I would love an admin or mod to come play on the server for 1hour just to experiance what we do for around 12hours a day. This is not what we want. We lost on average 5hours and 22min per day on growing , breeding , downtime , kicks, disconnects. Many of us have reported the server more than 100times in total and we have had no reply from anyone as im sure that your response to this is wait for the player base to split about on servers and it will stablise. Well if this is your idea GJ Don't expect people to be buying the full pass or even buying Genesis 2 if this is how it is going to go. With extinction the server didnt lag much but it did go down around every 110m so atleast with that one we could estimate when we needed to get to a safe place. With genesis it goes down between 50m and 280m and durings that time and prior to it , The server is unplayable. Continuous lag and rubber banding / rollback / kicks mean that you are not able to get anything done in a meaningful time frame. Spending hours and hours just geting to a specific point you expected would take about 40m-1hour.

Please look at the server atleast and think about this as an option.

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The idea of having a double tier of playing could be interesting. One of the draw cards to Ark for me is the lack of a subscription as I only get to play a few hours a week. Granted it's increased right now due to COVID, but outside of global pandemic times I might get 4 - 6 hours a week on Saturday mornings. 


However having the ability to have a two tier system that doesn't make the game pay to win, but maybe if you subscribe you get "platinum support" + things like cosmetic skins, early access betas and a few other bits and pieces for a handful of dollars a month - that could definitely sway a few people and go a long way to supporting servers without losing players like myself.

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