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qol Allow learning all Engrams server option


Allow learning all Engrams server option

I just think that sometimes not everyone wants to use cheats or spend 3 hours cheating every map to learn engrams specific to other maps there are a few engrams that I would love to have on genesis like the climbing pick for the ocean biome or the glider suit and the only way to get them is to have your premade survivor from aberration downloaded thus skipping the very fun leveling process I get that this stuff is content for paid for maps but it would really be awesome if people who paid for these maps could access these engrams on every map with the convenience of a simple checkbox in server settings. Same goes with tek stuff some people just don't have time to do all the boss fights and thats how you unlock the engrams to even USE the tek stuff so we will never know what its like to have a cool think like the tek bridge I got a replicator out of a drop and can't even use it unless I cheat or spend months because I'm alone earning it all I'm asking for is a checkbox that makes this game a lot more fun I would highly appreciate this I've logged over 6000 hours on this game and haven't unlocked tek anything because I don't have the ability to dedicate long periods of time to fight them or get all my dinos back that weren't ready lol. Thank you.

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While the ini codes do allow a lot of options, I see where you are coming from having hosted a server with a second system for several months. 

There are quite a few settings that should be added to the menu options by way of check box's and sliders. If they can do it through general or ini settings through the server hosts they should be able to put a few of the simpler ones into the single and dedicated host menu systems. 

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