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So i've been playing ARK since day 1 of EA on pc, 5k hours + on pc and now around the same on xbox . I've lived the good and the bad,the game still needs a lot of work BUT i'm really LOVIN Genesis!!! The environments are amazing you outdid yourself on that dlc. Yes i've had spider glitch in the mesh,a mek dissapeared in front of my tribemate and it was full( even cryod magmas ,ankys etc) The lag can be horrible,you glitch in teleport ETC But even with those issues ( and ferox issues) i'm still having an amazing time with my tribemates. The HLNA shop is like any private ark servers that gives you points the more you stay online. Being able to craft on the go,for taming its amazing!! So as much as i have complained over the years now i need to give you praise were praise is due. And GM doing great work and helped us recovered a magma during server issues. Gm Fury we love you :) So again THANKS  for this amazing dlc ,cant wait for part 2 :) Keep on surviving and putting up good content and WORK ON THOSE ISSUES :) 

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